The comments

I know it’s a shit show but I love that CT has left the comments up. Cycling is dysfunctional and it’s appropriate that some of the comments are too.

Note I wouldn’t endorse hateful stuff but this is beautifully chaotic.

My favorite is @jonny.long admitting Lance dictated the article to him down the phone.


I like all the comments from stolenunderground. Blast from the past.


That article was exceptional in the interaction with it, but there’s a great argument to be made for a downvote button as well as a like. Or maybe an ignore function like the forum offer.


Just click on the user name, and the option to ignore that user will appear.

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Who cares about Lance. Johnny is the winner on clicks and engagement.

I’m going to start another thread to discuss this thread about the comments.


you should open a new slack channel to discuss forum postings about the comments section


I’d prefer reasoned, rational arguments. After all, there are plenty of other “shit shows” in comment sections elsewhere in the internet tubes. Does anything of value come out of shit shows? It the value is entertainment, then there are way more outlets that provide far better entertainment.

I am not saying that CT should censor such crap, but is there much of a difference between stolenunderground’s comments and those that DurianRider has made?

It always seemed comments in stories on CT were typically better, more interesting, and actually involved some actual critical thinking. I hope the comments in CT’s comment section stay that way, a little bit of the fray.

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