The Least Expected Day, season 3

Does anyone know when Season 3 of the Least Expected Day will be released on US Netflix or elsewhere with English subtitles?

It’s been out for a couple of months now, but I have yet to see it available with English subtitles.

Trailer here (no subtitles) and it looks like they talk about the Lopez exit #MovistarTeam2022: Presentación Oficial - YouTube

No news on whether it will get a run on Netflix.

I have been hoping for this but I cannot find any info on it. It was meant to be shown on netflix not sure if something has happened ?

It’s on Netflix, just not the US version. I haven’t looked to see if the version released in Spain has English subtitles.

Hopefully it’ll get released somewhere in the English-speaking world.

At the moment it’s only available through Movistars own TV service, that you can pay for and watch in Spain. Netflix has only the first 2 seasons, I don’t think the 3rd will be on it.

The trailers make it look like a very similar production to the previous 2, pointing to netflix production. Internet stories said that it was confirmed to be coming to netlfix, but also before the giro. Sources are in Spanish so I can’t verify.

That just leaves hope.

Venga, venga, venga !!