The N+1 Wish List

As a cyclist, I can quite confidently assume that we ALL have that N+1 dream bike. Let’s allow ourselves the dream for a moment…any bike, any spec, any finish…what’s your N+1?

Excited to hear your thoughts!

Something bespoke and titanium, perhaps a VAARU Octane 64 Disc.
Pop on some 45mm Bora Ultra WTO’s and a Super Record EPS groupset.

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Seriously…I’ll be here all day typing, I mean it’s N+1 right? As soon as you hit reply on this there is another dream spec to post about!! :rofl:

That said- I’d probably opt for a Pegoretti Marcello, asking for the paint to be themed around the Giro di Lombardia and the Madonna del Ghisallo. Campagnolo Super Record 12 mechanical group, Fizik stem, Fizik (Snake bend) bar, and Fizik Arione Saddle. Since I am a custom wheel builder by trade, I’d have to wait and see how the paint job ended up before deciding on the hub colors( Chris King or White industries) laced to Boyd 28mm front/44mm rear tubular rims and Sapim CX-Ray spokes. I can see a set of FMB or Dugast tubular tires on this baby.


A metal gravel frame with huge tyre clearance and a playful geometry (something like a Surly Midnight Special).
And as we are dreaming here, with a Campa Ekar groupset and Shamal carbon wheels shod with Rene Herse tyres :slight_smile:


For Road: An apologetically aero road bike and a lightweight climber bike

For Gravel: One bike for racing and smooth(er) gravel, and then a drop bar hardtail mtb bike for the chunky stuff

For MTB: One enduro bike, one down country XC race machine, one fast, light HT MTB, one eMTB with 150mm of travel

For TT: Any high end TT bike used in the WT…just because

For getting around town: A ecargo bike and an ecommuter for cruising around on recovery days

For CX: Any top of the line carbon CX frame with full DA and low-ish profile carbon wheels.

The above would break the bank and the wife would be seriously pissed if I came home with all the above. lol

Thanks, saved me typing all this out.


A Cinelli Laser with full C-Record and Shamal wheels. Of course they only come in Laser blue.

I have the C-Record group and the Shamals already. I also have the steel tubes so I can make a replica when I give up on ever getting a real one. The replica will be called the Cineole Loser (Geddit?)

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Have always had a massive Hard-On for either a Speedvagen, No 22 or a Firefly.


I’ve actually scratched my n+1 itch, with an old CX frame picked up on Fleabay in lockdown, which I’ve built up. Unlike the MTB I owned - which I hated and gave to my son - it’s guaranteed to make me smile every time I ride it.
The MTB was good for one thing, though: it made me realise that disc brakes are absolutely better.

I want to build a flatland bike. Haven’t had one since my late teens. None of this brakeless nonsense either! :grin: I also want to get a carbon CX bike to replace my Blue Norcross. :thinking:A nice hardtail MTB would be um…nice. But ultimately my next bike will likely be a new road bike.

Often times there is a kind assumption that folks on forums such as these are always interested in buying the next best thing, but honestly, not all of us are looking for anything, pretty happy with what we’ve got–I know I am. My only +1 is simply keeping them running perfectly, sometimes requiring a new part here and there, new tires as needed, but that’s about it.


Im almost there… Ekar was released after i picked up a H11 on sale last summer. Im too cheap for the Shamal’s but im considering rebuilding my DT180 hubs on 26" Cabon rims for ReneHerse 26" 2,35 tyres.

Your Midnight Special is sweet, I remember you mentioned in the comments section quite a while ago, hoped to see a picture when I saw the steel thread :slight_smile:

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Something from Bastion.

N+1 A Cinelli steel frame with Campagnolo Record 12s and Campagnolo wheels (rim brake).
I already have a top notch carbon bike, a top notch titanium bike…
N+2 So let’s say I’d also like to be able to properly ride a MTB… and so a 130mm travel alu trail bike to have fun…
N+3 And also a titanium bike-packing bike with 40mm gravel tires and fenders

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A Ritchey Ultra. I already have 6 bikes spanning incrementally from road racing to XC race (and commuter). Now I need a real fat tire fun bike.

When I am truly minted, I’ll get a Baum dedicated turbo trainer bike with frame, forks, bar and seat post all made from welded ti, with swappable time trial front end. Di2 12 speed gears with all remote shifter options and turbo trainer painted to match.

If I rob a bank or win a lottery, I’d get one of the truly stellar looking FERN bikes, sth like this:

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For me, N+1 would be about a new type of bike rather than an upgrade of an existing one.
Since I have a road, a TT and a flat bar, I guess the next on the list would be a mountain bike of some sort. Then maybe an e-cargo bike, then a gravel bike.

Ever since Shoddy Dave’s review of the Ritchey Road Logic Disc, I’ve been pining over one of ‘em

That and that new Specialized Crux — just wish specialized was easier to root for as a company :upside_down_face: