The Nerd Alert podcast entitled Things That Shouldn’t Break

This is brilliant. To do this with Raoul Luescher and broadcast this is a community service.


Yep, really enjoyed it and my train journey flew past whilst listening to it.

Kinda confirms as well that for now, I wouldn’t touch a fully internally routed bike with a barge pole.


This was my takeaway as well.

Very good podcast episode.

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I haven’t listened yet (first thing Monday).

It’s an easy and short list for me as I’ve been watching things break on customer bikes for a few decades with sometimes harsh consequences.

Things that shouldn’t break:

  1. Anything weight-bearing
  2. Your bones and tendons

Many of these things come with the caveat of maintenance, crash-damage, and known fatigue life. That about covers it, though.

Looking forward to the episode.

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Is there any confirmation that the frame fix for the Cannondale supersix evo that was documented by Raoul Luescher Cannondale 2021 Model Updated - It's better - YouTube has been applied to the Cannondale supersix evo cx?
thanks for any feedback.