The Riding Project - Greece (Documentaries)

Hey there everyone!

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

In this topic I would like to inform you about our 2 (so far) cycling documentaries in Greece. We are a team of four people, 2 elite cyclists (Konstantinos Kerd Evangeliou & Petros Gkazonis), 1 pro photographer/camera-man (Nassos Triantafyllou) and 1 organizer/driver/drone pilot (Dimitris Patrikios).

Our goal is to produce documentaries aimed at highlighting the authenticity of the Greek countryside, the use of bicycles as an alternative way of tourism and the incorporation of sport into the Greek lifestyle. Greece is not just its beaches. In the midst of summer, when everyone is looking for a shade to hide, we set out on cycling trips aiming to highlight the greatness of Greece. To highlight the beauty of the little things; A bike, a picturesque settlement, a thoughtful Mediterranean dish. We want to inspire people from all over the world and hopefully make them add Greece on their list of countries to visit by bike and explore our beautiful country and ride on roads less traveled.

The documentaries are in Greek but we have added English subtitles.

You may visit our YouTube channel “The Riding Project” where you can find them both
or you can visit the direct links to the specific videos:
The Riding Project - Central Greece: The Riding Project - Central Greece Documentary - YouTube
The Riding Project - Epirus: The Riding Project - Epirus - YouTube

I would love to hear your thoughts on them and hopefully they motive you to come and visit our beautiful country by bike or any other means of transportation.

P.S) We are planning for another project as soon as possible but we’ll see how soon since 2 from the team just became dads for the first time in the last few months and time is very limited at the moment.

nice work!

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Thank you!

I loved the scenery, it’s a wonderful part of Greece I haven’t been to (yet)

A bit funny how you guys attacked dirt roads on 25mm tires (and punctured or crashed quite a bit) - I like that fearless let’s do it approach.

The map overlays in the videos were pretty unusable to follow your ride though - I think you may do your project a favor if you imported your Strava files into Komoot and made it a public collection?

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Thank you for watching and for your comments Ulrich, we appreciate it.

We wanted the rides to be adventurous but also show that you can go basically almost everywhere with a road bike. We had 25mm lightweight racing tires and my punctures occurred due to a faulty rear tire, so basically it wasn’t even the gravel road that caused them. We would most definitely recommend a more all-around tire with better puncture protection, especially if you haven’t got a car following you around like we did.

The map overlays are mostly to get an idea where we started and ended up everyday. We have got a website where everyone interested can view the routes, we are only facing a technical difficulty with the Epirus documentary, which should be resolved within the next couple of weeks. I could not add the link due to a limit of two as a new member. The routes can also be found in the video description of each documentary.

Thanks a lot - I had found the page but didn’t try hard enough. Good to see it’s all there.

I had - after watching the videos - gone to THE RIDING PROJECT EPIRUS by The Cycling Journal - The Cycling Journal

While it’s all Greek to me - the photography is awesome. Well worth visiting!

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