Thru axle upgrade

Are thru axle upgrades even a thing? I have no problem to solve; I’m just curious. I know the Robert Axle Project would have me think so. Outside of shaving a few grams, I can only suppose a case of tolerances being slightly off, deforming the chainstays slightly or something similar.

I am using Robert Axle Project ones on my road bike and it somewhat transformed the bike. The axles I believe are stiffer which means first no brake rub anymore at all when out the saddle and second the bike just feels directer (if that makes sense). So yes I think it is a thing or should be. I also very much dislike thru axles that have some form of lever and the Robert’s solved that as well.


I saved around 50 grams changing the thruaxles on my Giant TCR J&L thruaxles are relatively cheap, and are holding up well.

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Yup especially on mtb side I’ve done it on both gravel and mtb bikes wolf tooth components makes some nice ones

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Or you have the classic MTB upgrade reason: taking bike wheels of to fit in car and leaving thru axel on the roof and driving off!


Thanks all, that’s all it takes to convince me! Will look into it.

Not only that: some people are obsessed with all things aero, and then leave those levers sticking out of the frame.

If you angle the levers appropriately you can save 0.0062 watts. A couple of hours in a wind tunnel will sort you out.