Tips for outdoor workouts in a busy city

Guys and girls, what are your tips to properly do outdoor cycling workouts if you live in a crowded traffic prone city? How do you manage workouts uninterrupted or even smooth no stops Zone 2? I need to stay close to a busy CBD for my job. Thanks.

Do you live in a big city?
How much does it take (by bicycle) to quickly go out in the nearest countryside?

30km. I go out of the city on the weekends but weekdays I just have 1.5hrs

I live in South London in Lewisham. Pretty built up round here but there are a couple of decent hills up to Crystal Palace and Honor Oak and some 15%+ climbs to get up them.
I can easily make a route on quietish roads that is about an hour and a half, has about 1000m of climb and isn’t just hill reps.

Any decent local hills round your neck of the woods to train on?

Find a loop or create one, ideally with all right turns ! :laughing:

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Yes hill reps it has been on the weekdays. But these then exclude the 20 min efforts since none of the hills are that long. For the moment the indoor trainer it is to do those efforts. But frankly indoor cycling is a soul crushing experience!

I gave up and started running for workouts.

I created a few loops but last summer there was so much construction everywhere it was a waste of time. Then there was traffic: my town is full of cotton-tops who like to drive 10 under the limit with long slow turns. I found myself pretty frustrated trying to pass them.

I also live in a very rolly area but no real climbs over 10 minutes. So I found on the easy days I would be going too hard and on the hard days it was tough keeping the power up with descents every few minutes.

I finally gave up. I started running but keep the weekend ride fast and fun.


I live in LA and do a couple pre work 1.5 hour workouts a week. I spend a lot of time pedaling and braking at the same time, especially if trying to stay in zone 2(on rim brakes). Thankfully in the Hollywood hills there are several 20 minute ish climbs. The only generalized advice I would have might be to ride against commuting patterns and try to leverage public transit. In the summer I can ride through Malibu, end in Santa Monica at dark and take the train home. Similarly mount baldy is too far to regularly ride except that a light rail line gets me most of the way there.

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Ok, that’s a huge city!