Tips for rim-brakes and winter rides

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for tips on how to protect my rear rim-brake caliper from getting stuck/mushy after every longer wet winter ride. I use Cane Creak eeBrakes and it feels like I have to clean or even replace the rear brake hose every time my ride gets a bit messy. I was thinking of putting a little bit of thicker grease inside the cable adjuster to stop any gunk from entering the hose. Has anyone tried this or knows any other method?

Thanks in advance for your help!


So it sounds like water and grit is getting into the brake outer, but the question I would ask is why is so much getting in that it causes a problem after one ride.

How old is the brake inner and outer? If either are quite old, then I would replace both, and at the same time look to ensure that all ends of the outer are positioned so as to be pointing down and/or out of spray.

Edit: I re-read your question and no see that you are replacing the outer often. I would look to invest in higher quality outer with some form of additional sealing.

Does the brake line go into frame mounted cable stops? ie. is there a section of the inner exposed along the bottom/side/top of the top tube? If yes, look to get a new outer cable that has little rubber seals on the outer end caps, or invest in a ‘fully sealed’ brake line that has a plastic sheath that runs over the inner wire between any outer cable stops.

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Thanks for your response Julian!

The whole system is brand new, I replaced cables and hoses at the end of the summer season. Also, I don’t see any dirt at the cable stop inside the frame (it’s a Cannondale Caad12), so it must not be the source of my problem.
The sealed brake line seems like a good idea, I haven’t thought about it! Any product recommendation here? The Jagwire Road Elite Sealed kit seems pretty good.

Thanks again!

I’ve run hydraulics or full length outers for some time, and never have issues with either, so I haven’t any recent experiance with fully sealed options, but I always ensure that I use mid or high level Shimano or Jagwaire cables and outers regardless.

Many years ago, when running v-brakes (MTB) or calipers (road), I always ensured that I ran XTR or Dura-Ace cables for both gears and brakes, and on the one bike that necessaitated better sealing I used Gore cable sets, but I’m not sure if the ones available today are the same.

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Jagwire Elite Sealed are the same as the Gore ones (Jagwire just acquired Gore’s cables activity).

And they are the answer to your problem :slight_smile:
My only fear is that they stop making them at some point…


Thanks! I will try the Jagwire option then

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Have them on nearly all my bikes now, and even on the commuter that sits outside under the rain, and is used as a light gravel bike (for kids rides), braking and shifting work as good as new (and they’ve been in place for… too long - 4 years).

Sounds perfect! This is exactly what I need :slight_smile:

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