To new management at CT

You fired the editorial team around 24 hours ago. You made a business plan, then you executed it.

Well, now you need to keep the business running. Your mission, whether or not you choose to accept it, is to publish 3 high quality articles in the next 24 hours. Not reprints from VN, pinkbike or random press releases, but something unique, written by someone with their own voice. One article should be around 6,000 words, another should include photos that look as if they came from Graham Watson‘s private album. Oh, and make sure there’s a women‘s cycling angle in there too.

Should you fail in this mission, I will leave and this website will self-destruct in less than 30 days.


Here here!


I guess I don’t need to see proof of the execution of their business plan. When something is intrinsically stupid it’s pretty obvious.

I’m turning off auto renew on my subscription. This tactic was used very successfully by Vail’s epic pass holders to convey their displeasure at Vail’s fumbles last year. That will send a clear message and do it immediately.


It’s the off-season. They rarely hit that many new stories when they had the full roster in November.

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I know and empathise with your sentiment. But its a little unfair to the still very talented team that remains. By this time they have shown enough proof they are more than upto this challenge but its not a fair expectation at the current time. I think its even understandable that @James_Huang @Iain_Treloar and others take a few days off. They are already short staffed post lay offs.

I am not even sure they know who is their editor in chief at the moment.


The staff page has yet to be edited as of 19NOV22 06:15PST


The intern is out on a bender - will get to the staff page sometime next week.

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Ahh - good point. That’s something I’m not going to relish doing today.


I tried to do this but couldn’t find the section. Where’s the setting?

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggled to find that! My sub was via Trailforks so I had to go to my account settings / pro subscription / manage on the TF site.
The link to cancel was just plain black text to make it even less obvious.

Just a reminder that if anyone has any subscription questions of needs a hand with a cancelation, refund etc. please send an email to (that comes to me) and I’ll assist.


I think the new management team should need to prove their loyalty by keeping up with @Andy_van_Bergen on Everesting missions.


I was narked by the decision, fired-up and my responses across socials was predictably angry…

But after listening to the latest CT podcast, I have to retract my comments that CT continuing will be “…like Queen without Freddie…”, as there is still a strong roster of interesting, passionate employees who I trust to continue to provide quality content.

I won’t be pulling my CT subscription because that doesn’t help the staff who have to hold the fort. There could even be good things that come out of this - fresh voices heard, new angles to approach stories… time will tell


I’m not sure aggregation of media and the economy of scale approach in the modern day work the same way it did for Henry Ford and the business at the peak of the industrial revolution. For me, journalism and podcasts are a lot more like baked goods. I want them fresh and local. Mass produced, it isn’t the same product.

The appeal for me with CT has always been that they represent a scrappy, down to earth approach to doing their best. Sitting in a river in france to avoid the heat during their podcast - well, media conglomerates won’t do that. And if they do, then they’re exploiting their employees. When you are the rich guy on the block, you can’t operate the same way and I don’t want to hang around with the rich guy on the block. I like the down to earth folks around the corner.

The world is full of customers who want small batches and more granularity in their products. And the modern era allows smaller teams/organizations/business to reach customers. Outside has basically consolidated a lot of small businesses that were offering something unique. I’m disappointed with how the articles are getting recycled under 3-4 different publication headings. It’s like no one at Outside realizes that cycling tips and velo news were different. Seems like they missed the memo on influencers and followers thinking “an article is an article”.

Finally, the most important part of any layoff is that the people who remain need to look at the decision and say to themselves “this sucks, but I guess I can see how it makes sense”. I don’t think Outside has pulled that off in this case.

Agree with the comments that there are still great people at CT, and I wish them the best as they continue to hold their standards high. They should be proud of what they have become


@john_morrell 100% agree.

Wondering how long my posting rights here will continue now that my subscription has been refunded.

It’s like going on club rides without paying the subs. Back to teenage days already.