Topic moved to the VeloClub lounge

Seems a topic I answered to moved to the VC lounge. As a consequence:

  • I cannot access to my post anymore (to review or delete it if need be
  • But I can still see part of the conversation in an email I received containing another member’s answer

Don’t know how to make this better honestly, but topics just disappearing from view with conversations you engaged and writings you might want to amend feels unconfortable IMHO. Maybe all posts from non-VC members could be removed but what’s left wouldn’t make a lot of sense anymore …

I’m guessing it was actually just deleted, which is probably for the best given that the original post was troll-ish and inflammatory. Some First Amendment crusader is going to ask about free speech, but it’s CyclingTips’ forum and they get to decide what kind of forum they want to have.

Not starting a debate about First Amendment (and as I wrote in that gone post, there is a world outside of the USA).
Just asking a question / making suggestions on the ergonomy on this great new forum :slight_smile: