Tour start Copenhagen - Q&A

Maybe a little late, but if anybody is planning to go to Copenhagen (or Denmark in general) for the start of the Tour I would be happy to answer any practical questions regarding my home country and city. Like where to stay, ride, eat, what to see (other than the racing) and stuff like that.

I plan to see the first two stages myself (the TT in central Copenhagen, which should be quite a party and the first stage which goes from Roskilde to Nyborg - crossing the Great Belt bridge in the process), so hopefully I should also be able to get some insight on how and where to best watch those.

You should also be able to find a lot of official information on this dedicated site set up by the organizers: Tour de France Grand DĂ©part Copenhagen Denmark 2021

Fire away and I will do my best to try and keep up:)


That’s a very generous offer you made. I feel bad that no one has taken you up on your offer.

Unfortunately I am not planning on going.

However I would be interested in knowing which of the opening stages has been purpose built for Mads Pedersen?

A hometown win would be great for the Tour and for Denmark

Im going to see the second stage. Our friends are from Aarhus so driving south to watch somewhere on the road. Very excited. Love Denmark, going North past Aalborg then flying to copenhagen for last 3 nights of our stay.

No worries. If nobody is going I will just have fewer posts to answer:)

As for Mads Pedersen it´s definately stage 2. It´s basically a tour de force of his training ground. The route passes within a few hundred meters of his home and is full of small roads and very exposed to the wind. It also has quite a few nasty kickers, that are a real test for us mortals - however I don´t expect them to be of any significance for the pros.

If the wind is from the west (which is by far the most prevalent in Denmark) it is going to be a very exposed stage. If the wind is from the north or the south, the stage is not that exposed, until the Great Belt Bridge, which is going to be pure mayhem (it goes almost straight west) as the winds are extremely strong up there (even in a car).

But don´t count out the danes on the first stage. Guys like Mads P, Søren Kragh and Kasper Asgreen could definately be up there in the TT. Copenhagen is going to be one big stadium atmosphere cheering the Danish riders on, so anything can happen there.

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If you´re starting out from Aarhus, you have to go quite a bit further to see stage 2 so I assume you are talking about stage 3?

Stage 3 starts in Vejle, which has the most interesting cycling terraing in Denmark, full of narrow, steep roads (it´s the Danish equivalent of Flanders). Plans are actually in the works to have a world tour race there within the next couple of years.

Unfortunately the route goes almost straight south into more boring terrain and will probably end in a sprint in Sønderborg. But it´s a pretty easy drive from Aarhus.

Thank you Holmertz, it is very kind of you to offer advice. We are staying near the Carlsberg train station. Would you suggest just walking to the start finish areas or taking the train/metro. I’m thinking the public transit may be so busy that it will be best to avoid it.

And since you offered general advice, we have had the pleasure to visit your wonderful country many times and have spent a cumulative few months in and around Copenhagen. Do you have a favorite neighborhood, park or even a bar that you enjoy and is not someplace that someone typically finds as a visitor?

Rod from San Francisco