Training Platform's (Training Peaks, Today's Plan, etc)

Interested to see what others are using (Trainer Road, Suffer, Today’s Plan, etc) and what they think is good or bad about it.

I decided to give Today’s Plan a go about 10 months ago and it has been good however I am beginning to think that it really would work best if you had a coach and/or had a really good understanding of the physiological stuff that makes up ‘good’ training. I don’t have that knowledge.

What are you using and why?

I’m on sufferfest. Been using it for about 3 or 4 years now. The app keeps evolving and adding new workouts.
I like that it’s quite lighthearted. The bad jokes cheer me up when I’m deep in a session.
There are lots of articles about the physiology of how it works which have helped me understand which sessions to use. You can pay extra and get video calls with coaches if that’s what you want. There are loads of free training plans as well.
I’ve only tried zwift as an alternative though, no experience of the others.

Have you used the training plans at all?

Yes, for a couple of big events and I saw good gains. As with any training plan, they need a lot of time commitment! The taught me the vague prinicples of training though so now I choose which workouts to do based on (probably very misplaced!) my experiences from previous training plans.

I’m a happy user of TrainerRoad, I know I don’t know enough for me to build training so their plans work well. Plus the train now tool picks something relevant if nothing planned for that day.

I’ve tried Rouvy, Zwift and whatever the free one that uses you phone and casts picture to pc, I’ve not rest gelled with the on-screen avatar ones. I’m a numbers and YouTube kinda person.

Think I’m faster, will see when I eventually start riding with people again.

If you message me I’ve got a couple trial months going.


I use Today’s Plan and it seems to do the job well. I have a coach who fills in the training load and workouts and it easily connects to Sufferfest, Zwift, Wahoo Element etc so I just load the days workout and follow. Workouts are seamlessly uploaded to it so my coach can see what I’ve done. Easy.

As a user the only thing I look at besides the workouts on the calendar are my training scores (TSS, TSB, CTL, ATL) and history over the years. From what I understand coaches have a lot of technical info they can look at, but I can’t be bothered.

I’m satisfied with it, but don’t have anything else to compare it to.

I used TrainingPeaks for a year. It integrated with zwift nicely and my wahoo headunit which was great. TrainingPeaks is very customizable which is what I wanted. You can make your own workouts and schedule. They have a planning tool to help establish goal training stress scores every week/month/year. You can use it with your own coach or buy additional training plans from coaches. My goal when I started using it was to complete a double century and be able to keep up with a 18-20 mph pace group and I was able to accomplish that goal.

Right now I don’t have the time to sit down and plan out my workouts and schedule so I moved over to Trainerroad a month a go. I am on a low volume plan (3-4 hours/week) and love that the workouts are easy to follow and already planned out.

I haven’t tried sufferfest because when I last looked they don’t support android and I don’t have a PC or apple product.

Yep, sufferfest android app not out yet but they say it’s due soon (wahoo bought them within the last year or so and supposedly have big plans)

I’ve used Sufferfest but I’m now trying Xert. The good thing is you can run the plan against other video apps and/or outside. Very much periodic based training - so lots of zone 2 work in quieter months.

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I’m a big fan of TrainerRoad. I’ve used it for a few years now. The new adaptive training and train now features are perfect for me. I use their calendar and enjoy the podcast too. They also have a fantastic forum that seems to use the same tech as this one. They seem to listen to their customers, constantly evolve, and do a good job of making it feel like you “know them”. I also really like that they lock customers in at the price from when they signed up, so as prices rise, loyal customers don’t pay more. If you like group settings, they also allow you to setup group rides where everyone is on cam and doing the same ride together (at your own ftp). I feel like there is just a ton of value in a TR sub.

I’ve used Sufferfest, but it’s not for me. People who like it REALLY like it though. I don’t really like their videos and I like to be able to pick my own entertainment (music or Netflix). One big advantage that SUF has is they offer strength and yoga content, not just cycling. I don’t really have a lot of negative to say, I just personally prefer TR.

I’m not really a Zwift training fan. Their plans just aren’t very good (random intervals, sessions tied to specific dates and times, etc.) Their world building is beautiful if you want to just ride, and if you can get past knowing that everyone is cheating, they have a ton of racing options for you to push yourself.

I really like the Xert workouts, and I love their data fields for the Garmin. They use different terminology than all of the others though, and that creates a frustrating barrier to entry. You really have to invest time into studying their model and method, listening to podcasts and googling for info, or pay a coach to do that for you.


I left Sufferfest a couple years back, because the training plans were waaaay to intensity focused, although maybe that has changed since they rolled out some of their updates. Also, the vids got a bit old to me after a while, and I just wanted something different. On the flip side, I’m really a fan of the yoga, strength and mental training program that they have.

Nowadays, I split my time between Zwift and TrainerRoad. I’ve discovered that I’m more fast twitch dominant, so I need a lot more time doing aerobic base, and sweet spot burns me out. I now tend to do all my aerobic base work in Zwift, and intensity work in TR. TR’s calendar is wonderful, and allows you to set up a quite nice training plan. Once AT can handle outside rides properly, and properly pan out lower intensity base rides, I will be all about it.

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I’ve been a big fan of TrainerRoad, the platform :slight_smile: Using the platform last year I made some significant performance gains.

I had to unsubscribe from their podcast and other social feeds.

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Funnily enough I’m the same. Podcast got me in but now it’s just too long so I’ve pretty much stopped listening.


I’ve been on trainerroad for a few years now, and I’ve been pretty satisfied with it. I think the plans are reasonable, and have had decent gains when able to stick to them (life events, injuries, etc seem to conspire against me regarding consistent training).
I think the adaptive training that they have in beta is promising, and I think will be a big step forward in the usability of the plans going forward. Still a lot of rough edges there, but it is usable in the beta.


Another TrainerRoad fan here. I’m finishing in 5th season on it. Adaptive training seems to be great. I sometimes have to drop or switch workouts because life happens, instead of it keeping the workout that was a step harder than the one I missed it adjust which saves me from going from 1 min VO2Max efforts to 2.5 min efforts without the 90 second ones in between.

I actually signed up for Zwift first, despite loving computer games and the idea, I have struggled to get involved in it as a lot of people have. Maybe I just don’t use the social aspect of it which is a big pull for people.

I tried Sufferfest but again it just didn’t drag me, there didn’t seem to be a huge variety.

I’ve tried Xert too, some of the workouts are great, I sometimes export Xert workouts to TrainerRoad to add a bit of variety.


It does seem for people using indoor training software you fall into one of two camps: number orientation or game-esque graphics.

Which one works for you needs trialling I guess. I did think about trying sufferfest but when I wanted to they didn’t have an android option.

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I am on Today’s Plan, as that was what my coach uses. It is good, but I think if you don’t have a coach or your coach is not on it, then it wouldn’t be worth it.

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why did you unsubscribe?

Seems the Knights of Sufferlandria have switched allegiance to SYSTM.

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As a previous Sufferfest user (back when you had to buy the videos) I was pretty interested in when I saw SYSTM launch. While I’m growing tired, and as a long term user a bit frustrated, with Zwift the one thing it has taught me is the ease of an Apple TV set-up so was disappointed when I read there was no plans for an Apple TV version of SYSTM.