Travel cases: Trying Orucase B2 after using Thule Round Trip pro

Traveled a few times with the Thule Roundtrip Pro, 2016 version. No complaints on that case, one nice feature is the integrated work stand. With many airlines removing the size limits for bikes, 50 lbs is the only goal to keep excess fees down.

My bike-travel headache is now Uber and rental cars and getting the Thule case in the car. SUVs are fine but sedans are 50/50.

Enter the Orucase B2: Seems this will fit in many more cars.

Question for disc brake/B2/Ninja users; since the fork has to come off, has anyone used hydraulic quick disconnects? Or is it just a matter of securing the fork to the downtube?

In general, looking for tips on packing bikes in airline cases, specifically Airport Ninja/B2