Tubeless Wheelset leaking sealant - but holding air

Hey all

I’ve got a Shimano GRX RX570 650b wheelset with Goodyear Ultimate Connector 50c tyres. Having an odd issue where tubeless sealant is leaking out a hole in the rim (believe it’s a bleed valve) but the tyres are holding air well. Pumped up to 40psi and holding.

My main question is whether I should pull off the tyres and redo the tubeless tape, or just leave it as is

I’ve had multiple attempts prior at setting them up before going over the rim twice with tubeless tape, so it’s possible it could be sealant from a previous attempt that’s not escaped

Thanks, Elliott

Hey Elliott,

I don’t think it’s technically possible that the wheel would leak sealant and not air. So if sealant is coming from your wheel but the pressure holds it probably is some of the leftover sealant stuck in the rim itself from previous attempts of setting up the wheel. If it holds air, ride it casually and observe. Time and spinning wheels are your best friends when it comes to tubeless woes.


Have you ridden on it yet? Do a ride and keep things local just in case.

That will often sort things out.

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I’ve had a slow leak under the tape, but the tire held air well enough so I didn’t notice the issue. Eventually when I changed the tire and saw the tape was bad, I went to replace it. There was a lot of sealant that had escaped into the rim cavity and I had to spend an hour pulling out dried sealant through the spoke holes with tweezers.

So if the sealant keeps leaking, fix it asap or suffer the same fate as me.


Thank you, I will bear that in mind! Ridden about 200 or 300 miles on it and no issue, so just leaving it as is