Tubless tires stuck ON rims

I have a set of Mavic Cosmic UST Pro wheels. Ever since the Mavic factory tape died and I installed DT Swiss tubeless tape, I’ve had tires getting stuck on the rim. In other words, I can’t unlock the beads and I’ve had to cut some tires off to replace them. (I don’t have much trouble getting them mounted, the problem is removal).

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this (besides switching back to tubes)? The tires that have gotten stuck are Specialized Roubaix Pro Tubless and Schwalbe Pro One TLEs (the newer version). I’d be interested in tips for removing them, tips on other tire/rim/tape combos that might work better. Also, I might be in the market for wheels this year, so if you think a particular road rim is good in this regard, I’m all ears.

Edit: I have discs, not rim brakes.

How many layers of tape did you apply? And do you have a link to the specific DT Swiss tape you used?

This is a common struggle for road tubeless users…I had to call Uber once because I could not get the tire bead separated from the rim roadside.

I have founbd metal tire levers can help…they are much thinner thna plastic ones, which can make it possible to get in between the tire and the rim. But it can still be a struggle.

I have also (once) use a pair of pliers to force the tire loose from them rim. Grabbed it with a rag over the tire to not damage it and pulled backwards enough to get some separation. But would not recommend this option for obvious reasons unless you are desperate.


Also, what tires were you using before?

One layer (I used two layers previously and assumed that was the problem, but now I have the same issue with only one).

I hate to admit it but I bought it on Amazon. DT Swiss Tape DT Tubeless Roll Rim https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O4TNJVA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_0N11DBZ2Z3NDNDC6HDAE?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

IIRC, Schwalbe Pro Ones and Mavic Yksions worked with the original Mavic tape.

I ran into the same issue, and I came up with a technique that worked for me. I made a video because a video is worth a million words:

Let me know if this works.


The tape you’ve installed now is the best one that I know. It’s also sold by Schwalbe. I’ve installed those on many hundred wheels by now.
I was told by my contacts @ Schwalbe that it’s original use case is somewhere in the electrical installation world. It’s very tough, not stretchable. But other than some other tapes it doesn’t develop cracks at spoke holes over time, and it won’t crack at edges in the rim bed.
AND it’s also very thin.
So the problem you’re facing is certainly not a consequence of it being to thick. It might be quite the opposite though. With this tape probably being thinner than the original Mavic one the stretch of the bead core after inflating the tire might create a tiny little “gap” between the tire’s bead and the rim where sealant might get in and dry out. Some sealants are quite good at bonding the tire to the rim.
For the very rare occasion when I can not push a tire into the rim bed only using my bare hands I’ve built me the little tool in the attached photos. It’s a piece of aluminum angle profile. I’ve filed the edge of its longer wing to correspond to the circumference of the rim bed and then chamfered it. But not to an extend where it became a really sharp blade. It’s still rounded enough so that anyone can’t hurt himself, the tire or the rim tape. I push this chamfered edge between tire bead and rim wall and once I don’t see the chamfer I tip it over and voila!
So far it has worked in all of those cases, and it also fits into any saddle bag.


I think you might be right about sealant getting in and drying out (within a matter of days).

Also, that’s an awesome little tool you made!

Maybe we need a cycling version of this bad boy…

There are tire pliers made for this task, but it doesn’t help when you’re caught out on the road 30 miles from home. Ask me how I know :joy:

I’m seriously thinking about making a tool now like il Falco posted…

I had this with a set of carbon rims and Schwalbe G-One tires. Nothing would get them off and had to cut them off. After having another set get stuck I did a bit of researching into how to get them off and came up with the following method:
Lay rim on ground, put foot on tire (cleats actually help to pin it down), then pull on rim/spokes about a foot either side of the tire. This unlocked the bead every time for me with no damage to rim or tire. Once one section unseats its pretty easy to get the rest of that side into the well in the middle and then remove tire from rim.

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I tried this. With low profile tires stretched out on a deep, wide, carbon rim, I think you’re more likely to damage the rim than get the tire off.

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Mavic wheels are notorious in this regard. I had a set of Kysrium pro carbons that suffered the dreaded bead lock with nearly every tire combo I tried. My solution was to cover a small piece of 2 x 4 with thin carpet, rest one edge of the rim on that so the tire hangs just over the edge of the 2 x 4, and then step carefully on the tire as close to the rim edge as possible. This method proved fool proof for me, and if the tire in question still holds some air, you’ll have the best luck attempting this while a few psi still remain in the tire (warming the tire in the sun first, is also helpful). I was also able to duplicate this method in the wild by searching the roadside for some debris that serves the same purpose as the 2 x 4 and using my glove or vest in place of the carpet.

My long term solution was to sell the Mavics, because life is to short to worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cell coverage and a flat tire you can’t remove and fix. Not bagging on Mavics either, because I’ve seen this issue with other wheel/tire combos too. At any rate, whether you switch to a more reliable combo or not, the trick above will no doubt come in handy when one of your riding buddies runs into this problem on a ride (and the joy you’ll experience as you watch them transition from sheer alarm, as you notify them you’ll be stepping on their pricey wheelset, to relief, as you save the day by removing the impossible to remove tire, I’d, as they say, priceless).

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So much for tubulars being inconvenient.

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Thanks for the insight. I haven’t had time to try it out yet but I will.

What wheelsets do you find to be better in this regard? Any ones to definitely avoid in your opinion?

This is also what I do. Pressure with the toe of my shoe horizontally across the tire bed.