UK cyclist views for a helping hand with a thesis.

Are you a cyclist in the UK? I’m keen to collect UK cyclist views on motivations and mobile applications as part of my thesis. Your help and time in completing the survey are greatly appreciated.

Link to survey

I quit at page 6 (50%!!) --way too long!! You need to talk to your thesis supervisor to get a better idea on how to write an effective survey that won’t discourage respondents.

I’m not from the UK so I’m not targeted by the survey. But as an expert in empirical research methods, let me tell you this:
This is a scientific survey, not an instagram marketing questionnaire. If it is to be precise, it cannot be under-complex. If you’re discouraged by the complexity, move along. Lowering scientific standards to make it easy for respondents is not an option.

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A a professor emeritus in a hard science from a national university, I know a little about “empirical research” and that’s why I offered my opinion–the survey was much too long, poorly worded, narrowly focused (didn’t even list “MTB” as a bike choice), all of which would distract the subject, and likely end up with less than useful data–a survey should not be designed in such a way as to be discouraging to the respondents, for any reason, complexity or otherwise.

Your criticism in your first answer only focused on the length of the survey. I would have guessed right away that you are at home in one of the disciplines you call ‘hard science’.

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Your profile says you’re a professor of linguistics. Is that hard science?