Ultegra R8050 di2 SS with 11-34T cassette

Any real issues I could be causing with this setup? Im running 50/34 chainrings, and only planning on using this for 10 days while Im in Tenerife do make the 3 hour climb up the volcano easier. I know be sacrificing shifting a little, but seems to work fine, and avoid big-big but otherwise seems to work.

You’re technically exceeding the size on the SS, which is listed as a 30t max size but you shouldn’t really have any issues. I’ve seen 32t run with that setup and there weren’t any issues, it also didn’t seem like it was super close to maxed out so I’d think another 2t wouldn’t be a problem. Worst case you might need a longer b screw.

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B screw seems okay, still room for it to go in more,so think should be fine. Was going to run the 32T i have ( normally run 30T) but thought might aswell have the 34T if it works. Generally either at one end of the cassette climbing or the other end descending. Doesnt undulate much at all.