Uploading videos to Strava is now possible

First I heard about it was via Phil Gaimon. 32.6 mi Ride Activity on June 15, 2022 by Phil G. on Strava

Probably not great for safety. Interested in thoughts.

It doesn’t seem to be supported in the web page yet, that will make it more user friendly.

I suspect it’ll be rarely used after the first week or two by most people. Photos are quick and easy. Video is a pain in the arse for a number of reasons.

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CT wrote a story about this since the original post. So far the discussion there is more lively. Bike, camera, action: Strava adds video uploads to activities - CyclingTips

I’d use it for posting quick clips from my Fly12 or Varia camera. Either egregious driver (or cyclist) behavior, stuff like the coyotes dashing across the road in front of me, or the tree branch that fell right behind me. But, luckily, it’s not like that stuff happens very often.

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