USA - WT broadcast licensing

I can’t take it anymore. Can someone explain why US fans need to subscribe to three (or more?) different streaming services to catch coverage of all major races on the WT calendar? Even if you’re willing/able to mange the accounts and remember out what to watch when/where - feels like another way cycling is preventing itself from growing. Who controls this licensing? (…disappointed I had to miss the world champs this year).

I gave up with all the subscriptions, trying to juggle which one had which race. It’s not ideal, but I use Tiz and am considering a VPN as well. It does seem like the powers that be are making it very, very difficult for someone living in the USA to simply watch races live. I’ve just chalked it up as one of the obstacles that one must get over to enjoy this crazy sport, like waking up at insane hours to watch a race halfway around the world while 99% of those around you are sleeping. I love it and hate it, and for some reason I keep doing it at 50+ years old. I do wish it was easier, but I don’t think it will change anytime soon unfortunately.

I think I’ve just decided to stop paying for it and watch recaps on YouTube. It’s ridiculously frustrating.

VPN and GCN plus is the only reasonable way. And the commentary is way superior to the competitors I’ve watched.

What VPN would you recommend?

I watched the Tour de France this year on live tv on NBCSN, and the Vuelta on live tv on the Olympic channel, also an NBC network.

I use StrongVPN right now and it seems to work fine, but I’ve also used PIA VPN and that worked, too. My guess is that any of the bigger names should do the trick, but can’t confirm those I haven’t tested personally.

Because it is the race organizers who control the broadcast rights, not a centralized body such as the NFL. So they sign with whomever gives them the best options.

ASO signed a deal with NBC years ago for the US rights to their races…so you now have to use Peacock to watch ASO races. the UCI signed a deal with FLO for races they organize (World Champs, CX World Cup). Just about everyone else has a deal with GCN.

As a Comcast subscriber, I get Peacock Premium “free”…combined with GCN+ ($25 for 2021), my subscriptions are pretty cheap, but I don’t get any of the FLO broadcasts. A VPN subscription this weekend resolved that issue, however.

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