Velosamba Experience

Tired of walking around in my MTB shoes as my casual bike option, I opted to purchase some Velosambas. They arrived yesterday & I’m pleased fit true to size to my other Adidas shoes (including Sambas). However, the right shoe has a bump in the sole where the cleat screws into the plate I can feel on my foot. It’s pushing up into the ball of my foot & is definitely noticeable.

The left shoe does not have this issue.

I’m curious if others who have purchased these shoes have felt this & if it goes away. I work from home so I’m wearing the shoes around to see but have plans to casual ride tomorrow & was hoping to wear these. I haven’t had a chance to pedal around to see if it’s an issue as I’m attempting to not get them dirty in case I need to return them (& my trainer is packed).

Sounds like a screw length issue to me…can you use a shorter one?

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I’m not sure – I’m using all the bits that came with a new pair of Shimano SPD pedals & have no issues on the left side. I could perhaps look for a shorter screw but these are pretty short by their nature. (I can take measurements later.)

Just take the one screw out and see if that resolves the issue…you shouldn’t even have to clip in. Then you’ll know the root of the problem and can find ways to address it.

Oh yeah. That seems obvious in retrospect. I’ll do that in a few minutes. Stay tuned.

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I removed the cleat & can still feel the bump.

Hmmm…try removing the insole and seeing if there is anything in-between it and the sole of the shoe?

They’re both the same --yuou can see the little pillow thingy in the attached picture. The other side looks the same.

I think I just might have a defective shoe.


I went for it & wore them on a quick test ride. The bump thingy didn’t seem too bad while riding. I’m just going to go for it tomorrow. If worse/ worst, I’ll buy something to replace them & pass these on to someone.

Won an alleycat hosted by my favorite brewery. They were fine pedaling. Definitely not my road shoes but they were never designed to be that stiff. They were great for hanging out after the race & not being in clicky clacky shoes.

I never noticed the bump today. :man_shrugging:


Unless those sandals/socks worn by the third place finisher are being worn ironically, then any discomfort you’ve experienced has been worth it merely for vanquishing that abomination.

I went for a rare walk in my relatively new Velosambas this morning in order to check for any sole discomfort. (Any rumor to the effect that my procuring a pastry on said walk were the reason for this walk is to be disregarded.) With the caveat that I have very flat feet, I noticed only the mildest of incongruities under my right foot. And, that feeling was more at midfoot, well behind the location of the cleat.

So, with my mere one datapoint in hand (in foot?), I agree with your conclusion–I think that you’ve got a perhaps tolerable manufacturing defect.

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In the third place guy’s defense he didn’t wear the sandals while riding but nonetheless they were a stylistic choice I wouldn’t have made. But hey, takes all types!

After years of racing this was my first alleycat & it was a bit of knife to a gunfight.

On the shoes, you’re definitely right. I hope your experience is good in yours!