Ventilation when training indoors

I set fan on high speed, and then I can control fan with the variable speed.

Two fans, no jersey (just the bibs). Forehead sweatband is a must for me. I drape a towel over the handlebars just to absorb the sweat coming down my arms. But if you can help it, don’t wipe sweat off your body- the evaporation of the sweat is what cools you. If you’re sweating too much, consider more fan power.

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I just use the 777 engine I’ve got laying around, works like a charm.

I do my “indoor” training on the back deck, year round. The joys of a California climate, and the horrors of having 3 small kids and rarely having your own time to go for a ride during the daylight hours.

That’s an interesting point on not wiping off the sweat but letting it evaporate, I haven’t thought of it like that before

y’all are overthinking this.


You better off wearing a long sleeve “Skins” type of top. Absorbs the sweat from your torso so it doesn’t drip everywhere. and “spreads” the sweat around, making you actually cooler as long as the fan is on.

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Hang on, THE Michael Bevan? One of the greats of ODI Cricket?!?

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You mean, when riding outdoors to achieve that 30mph average on the hour? :wink: :innocent: :rofl:

What temperature do you get in winter in your (closed) garage, in Canada?

Like this one:

I presume your test ended up with you SWIMMING (in the lake of sweat) instead of pedaling? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It really depends on where in Canada you are. I live in the Greater Toronto Area, and its not uncommon to get -10 C, which means the garage will be below freezing.

I use something like this. STANLEY Stanley Heavy Duty Utility Blower 120 Volt | The Home Depot Canada

It has power outlets on the side which are handy for plugging in my laptop, extra fan …

Ok, so 5 to 10 C below the Northern Italy garage’s typical temperature! :laughing:

Toronto, the Canadian riviera :wink: I have relative there, they said that they missed winter in Montreal because “Toronto isn’t cold in the winter contrary to Montreal, but Montreal is drier so the cold bites less”
(From France, -10°C is cold AF ^^)

Ha, Cold is a relative term.

way more handsome :rofl:

Lots of fans…also, I wear the old school headband and wristbands. My kids can’t stop laughing when I’m killing it on Zwift (no really killing myself). I look like Napoleon Dynamite! Don’t forget the towels.

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After using a basic domestic fan and deciding it most definitely didn’t cut it, I’ve had some success with a 500mm Bayer fan - specs say it pushes up to 142m3 per minute however most of the time I’ve found running it on the lowest setting is sufficient.

I recently purchased a CO2 sensor and was not overly surprised to see the CO2 get up to around 2500ppm after half an hour in an enclosed room with no outside ventilation. I have been experimenting with various setups for the pain cave including a second extractor-style fan at ground level and the CO2 only reached just over 1000ppm. For reference outside in the real world is around 416ppm and the home office/bedroom is anywhere from 500-800ppm.

If I had the presentation and video skills of a DC Rainmaker or GPLama I’d do some proper testing :rofl:

Also noticed the humidity spikes a bit but the temperature hardly budges.