Vest (gilet) with three pockets recommendation

Hi, do you have any recommendations for a vest with three back pockets? Just like a jersey. Almost all vests don’t have a back pockets for food. The closest I’ve found is Brevet Gilet from Rapha, but they’re sold out. If possible not insulated yet not summer super light.

Thanks lot!

I have this one from Le Col which I quite like. Three pockets at the back, it’s windproof but not super warm, may be a bit more of a rainproof style than what you want.

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I’ve got the Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain Vest. Light, packs up small, wind and rain resistant. Does a great job

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Pactimo has pockets on some of their heavier vests, but their lightest one does not. There are a couple of models in between that I am not certain about. Worth checking.

The only problem with vest with pockets is that if it warms up enough to remove it, you gotta transfer all the crap from the vest pockets to your jersey pockets and then stuff the vest in there, too….

Now if you know it isn’t gonna warm enough to remove it, then there is no issue and vest pockets are awesome.


Voler, great color options too and very reasonable price


I have this one & don’t use it as it’s a size too big but I like looking at it.

Thanks for pointing that out…in the market for a just a plain black wind vest and Voler fits the bill nicely.

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Spatz Burnr 2022 version

I have a windproof base layer from Pearl Izumi that I’m a big fan of - let your jersey handle the pockets. Obviously not as easy to remove as a vest, but if your pockets are stuffed it’ll be a bit of work anyway. Breathes well enough that it’s a bit more flexible temperature-wise too.

I don’t think they make it anymore, hopefully someone else does!

I have the same one, been really happy with it.

Other option is a vest with openings in the back that let you grab stuff in your jersey pockets.

Cuore of Switzerland has a nice, close fitting option. It’s more of a race fit than an endurance fit.

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Santini has at least one, it’s hard to tell from the photos if their other models have pockets.


I like the Castelli Perfetto gilet. It has three pockets, it is warm and also waterproof.

Edit - looks like the new version only has two pockets.

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I think that Santini make three weights of gilet - our team has the middle one, and that has pockets on the back.

I’ve been riding in a hi-viz version of this PRO Wind Cycling Vest - Bouré Bicycle Clothing
Well priced, packs light, three pockets. My only wish is that the zipper was two-way.

This doesn’t have pockets but there is easy access to the pockets of a jersey with side openings.

Another vote for Voler, and while I haven’t used the Boure’ that alwaysbroken recommended I do wear their bibs, and both companies are first rate when it comes to customer service.

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I’d choose Voler, but I’m not sure about delivery to Europe. Anyway, I have so many options now. Thanks everyone!

I love my Voler vest and it’s perfect pockets!