Vintage / retro category

Have you considered a vintage retro category? I’d guess you would / will see a lot of content on that theme.


Feel free to start a vintage thread in cycling & culture, that already seems to me to be the correct place.

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Could do but my suggestion is that there may be plenty of good content and discussion to warrant a separate category. Threads about 531 vs Columbus, SL vs SLX, the best 9 speed Groupset, c record derailleurs max c cog capacity, restorations and new builds …
Anyway, just a suggestion. Forum looks great.

It seems the Vintage thread could do with a kick along. Melbourne made Beasley cycles (I’m not the expert but a whole thread could be dedicated to Beasley cycles) and I guess this to be late 50’s maybe into 60’s. Note stamp on stem which was purchased before the frame and was the starting point of this build.

Yes I started with a stem and wanted to build a bike around it.

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That’s a minty looking specimen.

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1984 Chesini Precision with 6 speed Campy SR and Nisi tubulars. Built up from NOS frame and used parts collected during COVID last year.


Unfortunately, being a new user I can only upload one picture to a thread. This is the picture of the frame that I fell in love with some time earlier. I then saw it again quite a lot later and my financial position had changed so I had lttle hesitation pulling the trigger.