Wade Resigns

Wow. Just received his e-mail. Very sad to read his message to the CT community and appreciate his gratitude and reminiscences. Sure would like to know his reason(s) for walking away from his creation. Have to believe there are major differences in vision and direction between the owners and the founder. Hope the fallout isn’t too far-reaching.


Wow, and I note Caley not happy about an article being removed (see a separate thread).

I hope for the best and the best for those involved.


CyclingTips have published some outstanding (cycling) journalism over the years and we can all thank Wade and his team for this. Personally I prefer the old Cyclingtips version compared to the current platform but maybe that is just my preference.


Reading between the lines of Wade’s email, there is some tension there. Coincidentally (?), I was on CyclingNews for the first time in ages yesterday thinking their content has improved to a point that maybe I let my VC membership go. Not making a hasty decision, but it’s worth reflecting on whether CT has gone downhill since the Outside acquisition.


Can someone post Wade’s letter?

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Crikey! I remember talking to Wade during the 2008 Tour of Bright 1/2 way up Rosewhite Gap and he was surprised I knew of the site. And now I’m feeling old… :rofl:

Wherever he lands after CT he’ll do well. Wade is good people. :ok_hand:t3:


What’s title of thread?

The one about Sagan and NFT’s…quite a way down


Unsure if Wade will read this, but I’ll post it in the hope it gets passed onto him…

Back around 2010, when I was a total cycling noob (think Livestrong bracelet, secondhand kit and ankle socks) I stumbled upon the Cycling Tips website. I was fascinated by the captivating stories and amazing Kristof Ramon photos. Soon I was checking in daily for all things tips, tricks and race news. Richies Giro White Jersey, Cadels WC win/TDF win, Boonen v Cancellara… Cycling Tips is where I followed it all.

A little while later I entered the CT TDF Competition and won a brand new Cycling Tips kit (the OG black & white Capo kit). It was my very first ‘good’ cycling kit and I remember proudly wearing it at many charity rides and fondos.

I know a free kit probably doesn’t rate as too important for others, but its a fond memory of mine. I felt like I was part of a bigger community. I chatted with Wade (via email) a few times and it confirmed his friendly and welcoming reputation.

So long Wade and thank you for the memories.


It’s time for the current team to get the bands together and have another go with a brand new name.

It’s the people who run the company, the company does not run by itself.

I will follow wherever Caley, James, Dave, Andy, Iain, Shoddy, Ronan… go.


Totally agree with you on this. We’d all follow them enthusiastically along with our subscription money.


It is extraordinarily difficult to leave a steady job, especially when one has family and financial commitments. My mortgage company certainly wouldn’t allow me to stop paying to preserve my journalistic integrity.

However, in my view, Outside crossed a line, by directly interfering in journalistic output. The story was not, at least as far as I’m aware, libellous or factually inaccurate. Rather, it was retracted because it conflicted with the larger group’s financial plans and schemes.

As soon as that line has been crossed, it (as it was nicely put in the NFT thread) casts a shadow over all content. Reviews will be harder to trust, in particular.

In an industry where so much media/reviewing is essentially shilling (look at the saga of Bowman bikes, and where that ended up, to take just one example), there is (IMO) categorically a market for unbiased assessment without fear or favour. However, given the way the industry (and media in general) works, that would almost certainly have to be paid for by subscription.

I think there is a group of people would would happily pay to read the work of Iain, James, Ronan et al. I certainly would. Whether it’s a big enough number to create a sustainable business model and a decent income for all of them is a different question, and I feel sorry for those who now find themselves in a very tricky place.

However, if (and sadly I think it’s unlikely) this gives Outside and those like them pause for thought, then some good may yet come out of this rather sorry situation.


Yeah, I wish they would start something new that reflects the format, integrity, and quality of the pre-Outside product, but I don’t think any of us can begrudge the team for sticking around to support their families. (For clarity, I’m agreeing with your point)


I wish we could clone DC Rainmaker and force him to cover more bike stuff. There are few sources which provide honest opinions. GPLama, DC, Cycling tips…

Edit: GPLama does excellent work, but I’m greedy and wish for even more content :smiley:


They need someone like the Walton family who invested on Allied. It seems Allied is doing well.

All it takes is someone or a family to invest for a sizeable amount to let the group to be able to get the venture started and survive the first few years. Give the team ownership shares in the new venture.

I’m sure most if not all CT readers will switch.


I almost never read any other publication for road cycling. CT is the only site I go to.

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I was just thinking that my first magazine subscription, 41 years ago, was ‘Bicycling’. Fast forward to now, what with the demise of ‘Peloton’ and ‘Velo News’ being the only thing that I look forward to reading… I’ll pay a significant amount of $$ to support quality independent journalism such as CT. Here’s hoping that Wade ends up in a good place, and that CT can flourish within the Outside org.


I am new here…

I can only wish good luck for the retired founder, 10 years is a very long time for being in the same job / place…
If he can allow a new start or even some time off than I am happy for him.

No matter what was the trigger, if not today then it would have happened later.

Im just sad to realize that I missed the train and that I joined when things go south.

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Same here :face_exhaling:

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And there’s the rub.