Waterslide Decal Removal

Hey CT Forum,

Long time first time. I have a set of DTSwiss GR 1600’s that I bought after checking out @angryasian’s review on the site (here).

I found myself intrigued by his comment that the waterslide decals could be removed if willing to “put in some effort.”

Has anyone had success removing this particular type of decal on an aluminum rim without any damage? Any insight/tips/tricks would be appreciated. I’m seeing acetone in some places, acetone-free nail polish remover in others, and can’t quite nail down where to begin.

Thanks in advance!

I have no experience with those exact decals, but I’d start with a plastic razor blade.
Harry Phinney

I don’t know if decal in 3T products is the same. I used acetone to removed those decal in my 3T stem, drop bar and seatpost. Just soaked a cotton with acetone then let the wet cotton covered the decals for several minutes. After that it will be easily wiped clean.

Can confirm. I’ve used acetone on cotton to remove 3TTT decals from a stem too.

The stem decals seemed to be some kind of paint ( they smudged off), not sure if the ones on the rim are.

Thanks all! Going to give acetone a try. Will report back here how it goes.

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Acetone worked a treat. Took quite a lot and some elbow grease, but goal achieved.


I’d try a heat gun, then 3M adhesive remover.

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Learn something new every day / most days! Didn’t know that 3M made an adhesive remover. Thanks for the information. Cheers.

If you mean 3M 38984, it is designed to remove uncured epoxy / silicone / 2k polyurethane adhesives and has some fairly unpleasant ingredients so I would not advocate its use in this scenario.

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My bad. I meant 3M Adhesive Cleaner. Thanks for catching that.