Waxing: Jewellery Cleaner?

Is anyone using a jewellery cleaner to ultrasonically clean their chains ? - with a view to waxing the chain then.
It’s a much cheaper, compact and easily purchased solution on paper to me at least.

Very Interested in opinions or experience here.

I used one that I borrowed from a friend. It wasn’t the tool for the job as it was just barely big enough, doesn’t heat up, and takes a long time to work.

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Throwing the chain and cassette in the dishwasher used to work great…

Ps: I don’t care for waxing my chains.

I had a similar question here: https://forum.cyclingtips.com/t/cheap-ultrasonic-cleaner-instead-of-parktool-cyclone/

I’ve got one (mid-priced Amazon one), it’s OK - probably wouldn’t buy it again.

Recently I’ve returned to using a sealed bottle/jar filled with Morgan Blue chain-cleaner - seems just as effective.
I’m aware there are more powerful ultrasonic cleaners available which would very likely be better but I struggle to justify the price vs performance.

Better and cheaper: Metal 1 gallon paint can & small Black & Decker Mouse palm sander.
Use to clean chain and get molten wax into rollers. Test on clear plastic container & you will see a cyclone inside.