Website redesign doesn't work on PC

This is what happens when i navigate to cyclingtips. Super annoying. This is on a PC/laptop
I know the redesign was a while ago but i dont visit here anymore because its so annoying.
What’s going on?

I have to scroll way down to see the actual content. Its as if it thinks i am on a mobile device or something?? (those horizontal bars at top left make me think that)
edit - this is on chrome browser, but same on ms edge

Are you running an ad blocker? That probably what the white space is

Hey Tom,

I’ll second what @mrmatthewking referred to in that you are likely running an adblocker. Cyclingtips will often run a large banner ad at the top of the page that is a little over one screen amount in size so simply scroll down and the website should still be there.

Or join the VeloClub as @Andy_van_Bergen would recommend you do.


I have the same problem (it’s an ad blocker thing) but I’ll say this though - how fucking hard is to scroll, snowflake?

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