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there goes my work productivity, again


I’ve already deleted Slack. :+1:


Yay! I hope this is is going to be searchable - with a long history so we can look up what James and Dave recommended last time we asked about fixing a problem.
Argh! This mean I have yet another “social media” account I need to keep track of! :crazy_face:
I hope I can change the dark colour scheme back to a sensible old person’s light scheme!

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How do I get back to the CT homepage from this forum?

Can I tag people, like one does in Slack - and every other social media for that matter.?
@Andy_van_Bergen1 - ah, yes I can tag people, why are there 2 @Andy_van_Bergen ’s ? Getting a bit keen on yourself eh? :wink:
Oh, I can’t keep posting replies. :frowning:
That system greeetings message is a bit rude. :open_mouth:

@David_McCook there you go.
3 more!

Bonus points if you use all three to keep asking @Andy_van_Bergen and/or @Andy_van_Bergen1 why there are two of him…


Haha - THIS Andy van Bergen is used for testing our non-VC member settings. Also: holds a pen in his left hand, wears socks over warmers, and believes Chicken Crimpy Shapes are superior. Clearly cannot be trusted. Also seems to talk in the third person.


Thanks @Chovy - now someone’s replied to me I can ask @Andy_van_Bergen1 and @Andy_van_Bergen and @andy.vanbergen_dft and @Andy_van_Bergen2 and @andy.vanbergen_disco why he’s been virtually breeding like a teenager! But wait, there’s more! :rofl:
This forum is going to take some learning how to use it.

Now I need to know @andy.vanbergen_disco 's back story…

Hmm. Those other ones sound like imposters. Particularly if there is one that has disco on their name.

I’ll look into the CT Homepage links too. :ok_hand:

Haha I just cracked the code. Disco looks like the start of ‘discourse’ which would have been a pseudonym we set up for testing