What are your 2022 Cycling Predictions?

Just like the title says, what are your 2022 Cycling Predictions?

Copy and past what is below and fill it in as you see fit!

Men’s ProCycling:
Women’s ProCycling:
Industry at Large:
Bicycle Tech:
Cycling Culture:

Men’s ProCycling:

  • Tadej will win another Tour barring injury or sickness
  • MvdP will have another season like he did in 2019
  • Remco will finally shut all the haters up…haha, just kidding…never gonna happen
    Women’s ProCycling:
  • Wages should increase for domestiques on WWT teams
  • Better TV time in some races

Industry at Large:

  • More paywalls :stuck_out_tongue:
  • The big bike companies will push more into lobbying for better urban planning for cycling
  • Continued focus on making riding and racing more inclusive

Bicycle Tech:

  • More integration of components…
  • but at the same time, I think we’ll see other companies offer bikes like the Aethos with standard parts compatibility
  • e-Bikes of all types will continue to grow
  • Very little to no change in the supply chain issues
  • Everything is gonna get more expensive

Cycling Culture:

  • I got nothin’ for this one!

Men’s ProCycling:

  1. Bernal will continue to disappoint.
  2. TP probably wins another TdF
  3. WVA (with team support) starts playing big-league cycling and lets the rivalry with MVP go. He also takes the Green Jersey. Maybe wins Flanders, too.
  4. MVP continues to ride on instinct, chase every rainbow jersey available to him but maybe with better team support starts to realize that isn’t the way to win every race. He has great natural talent, but I often wonder if the only reason he is in road cycling is for the $$$$ as his heart doesn’t always seem to be in it. I think much of the peleton now understands his MO and his ability to get away will be limited this year.
  5. Sagan?? Not sure what he does. I think his career is at a crossroads; he would be well-served to take on a mentoring role and serving as a “chaos-agent” of sorts and could potentially sneak some race wins (I’d love to see him start going in breaks). But, will his new team use him in that capacity? Could generate interest and maybe bring back the fire that he seems to be lacking of late.

Women’s Cycling:

  1. More races will be televised and I think it becomes more of a player in the industry & with sponsors. With more television, interest will subsequently increase.

Industry at Large:

  1. Could care less; probably try to sell more bikes that many of us don’t want/need.
  2. More people will consider custom frames from small builders. I absolutely love my new custom steel road bike and it was very reasonable $$$$ wise, too.
  3. Increased push for E-bikes in the US. If industry becomes involved in any legislative work, it will be here.


  1. “Gravel” bikes will continue to trend and resemble the 1994 Trek hardtail I have in my garage. New bikes probably won’t be purple, though.
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Your number 2 is exactly where I’m at with my road bike. I’m between an Aethos and a Pegoretti…tired of press fit this and proprietary that for just a few extra watts.

Your number 3: Totally agree! The e-bike boom here where I live is bonkers for road, trail and commuting.

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Rigo will be on the podium or lanterne rouge at the Tour.

Ali Jackson will win a lot of races. And produce a lot of Tiktoks.

Ketonez Breakfast Cereal (now with Marshmallows!!) will be the breakfast of choice for GT winners from Slovenia to Columbia.

A new bottom bracket standard will launch. Maybe two.

Gravel bikes will begin to fail due to the number of bottle cage holes they insist on drilling into the frame.

Bora will be on the podium at two Grand Tours.

Lefevere and Merckx will say many silly things.


I can see even beyond 2022: Julian Alaphilippe will continue to wear his rainbow jersey in perpetuity until he retires at the age of 47.


Peter Sagan is confused by this post.


Bicycle Tech: 12s 105 Di2 and mechanical, hydraulic brakes only. Shimano makes its mech groups march in place at 12s thereafter, so mechanical groups are forever frozen at a pre-Industrial era tech level. Rim brakes are only available in 11s, practically Stone Age.