What are your top 3 road bikes in 2021?

If you could test ride 3 road bikes but you had to keep one at the end of the test. What 3 would you choose to test?

Scott Addict RC, Willier Filante & Ribble Ultra

Aethos. I am not really a Specialized fanboy, but the back to basic things like round seatpost, BSA and external cabling really speaks to me. Great reviews isnt a bad thing either.
If they make it with rimbrakes i would 100% buy it, but that aint gonna happen.

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Nice. You wouldn’t be tempted to test anything else, you get to choose 3.

Not really any new bikes on the market that makes the money in my wallet burn. To much nonsense and integrated cockpits.

Love it, absolutely fascinating.

Hard choice.

Ribble Ultra. Would love to try their narrowest integrated bar, put on some really deep wheels and see how fast it goes. Certainly looks futuristic, in a good way, too.

Look 795 Blade RS disc. Just looks sexy in metallic white and hits all the spots for me. Alternatively a Time Scylon, built up with the best of Campag for an all-European bike.

Orbea Orca Aero, looks pretty much like the classic aero road bike, the safe option. Love the customizable paintwork and the lines of it, integrated everything.


S Works Aethos - To see how being 1kg lighter than my bike makes a real difference and if the frame is as fun to ride as the reviews suggest

Cannondale Systemsix - To see if all that aero makes a big difference, I’ve never really ridden a proper aero bike. It’s also fairly heavy as expensive bikes go so I’d also be curious to see if the extra weight has any negative impact

Vaaru Octane 64 Disc - I’ve never ridden a high quality Ti frame and I’d love to do so to see if it’s the wonder material many say it is

I imagine if my mind wasn’t blown by the light weight of the Aethos or the aero of the Systemsix I’d keep the Vaaru.


Trek domane- I like the idea of internal storage

Van Nicholas Yukon disc- I like the idea of the frame last long a long time but can update groupset every so often

My third option would be to combine a bike that does a mix of the two above- endurance geometry, fits up to 32mm tyres with mudguard mounts. And if a titanium frame exists with internal storage and has a threaded BB. Internal storage isn’t a deal breaker, I just like the idea of it and am curious to find out if it is practical

  1. Aethos - partly to see if it lives up to the hype, partly out of sheer curiosity value. It would be interesting to see if Spesh have used all their technical expertise to produce a bike that really does focus on being fun, rather than just fast.
  2. Any top-notch ti bike (Firefly, Moots, etc), again, simply to see if they really are as wonderful as they’re made out to be.
  3. Fairlight Strael: it’s had rave reviews in the British cycling media, they’re sold out for over 6 months, and it looks superb for a ‘stock’ steel bike. Supposedly, it’s better than the Mason Resolution.
  4. Sorry, I know the OP said 3, but there’s a 4th I’d like: the Low MK road. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for high-end alloy bikes, and this seems the obvious market leader.

Not owned a Strael but I have a Secan which is quite similar in many ways and it’s as good as the reviews make out.

Piece of cake to build partly due to the very considered design, great company to deal with, wonderful ride quality and lovely to look at. Definitely my favourite bike that I own and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a Strael if I needed a new, 4 season road bike.


I would like to try out the ribble just to see how much if any difference it makes.

Like to ride a Willier just to get on one.

Also like the Aerostorm TT bike never rode one I like the look of the lapierre


Argon 18 Krypton Pro - frameset was well reviewed a few years back but it’s impossible to find one built up to try.

Rob English Custom Steel bike - ostensibly one of the most popular makers of steel bikes and featured in CT a few times. Would love to see if the bike lives up to the hype.

Systemsix - Have never ridden a proper aero bike like others here and would love to see if it makes me faster

I just bought the Aethos this summer and am quite happy with it, my next bike will likely be a mtb or gravel build


Awesome :fist:

I own them.

No1 - S-Works Venge with 12 speed AXS. Amazing bike and I feel like I’m cheating my mates every time I go out on a group ride.

No2 - Colnago C60 with Super Record mechanical 80th edition. Beautiful ride.

No3 - Merlin Ti 6/4 with Enve cockpit. Nothing more comfortable and my winter hack as it’s indestructible.

I’m a lucky man!

PS: that Merlin still has original Record groupset from 2008

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Specialized Crux, or if strictly road bikes, Aethos

Enve Custom Road

2022 Canyon Endurace

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Wilier Zero SLR
T-Lab R3 Ti
Pinarello Dogma F12

(I’m assuming I don’t have to pay for the one I decide to keep.)

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my thoughts exactly when I read the first post :slight_smile:

For me a Dogma F and 2 others (whatever they are), just to be able to keep the Dogma F :laughing:

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  1. Baum Orbis+
  2. Baum Orbis
  3. Bastion

Just to see what the difference between each is.
Oh, the spec on each -
New Dura-Ace on 2 + 3.
Sram 1x E-tap on 1. (650B)
Classified wheels with internal hub mech. (It looks like a winner for 1x range)

Now, if I smile nice can I keep them all?