what bike should I get?

I am currently a college student and plan to use a bike for getting around campus. As far as I know, I will be using paved roads to get around using the bike. My only problem is that I do not know what type of bike to get. I am a male and 5’6’', and my budget is around $250-500. What bike should I get for just commuting around campus.

Twin turbo Hyabusa. Just kidding. If it’s a flat campus and you’re going short distances just get the State Core line Wu-Tang Clan + a Kryptonite New York Lock.


If all you are doing is riding around campus, a used bike might be a good choice. Some of the new bikes in that price range have some pretty questionable parts and build quality, so an older mountain bike or hybrid will work well. I would actively avoid anything with rear suspension, and front suspension won’t do much for you either.

It can be a bit challenging to find something in decent shape that won’t need much time or money, though.


Agree, I work on a pretty flat University campus & see plenty of these around. Another option is to see if there is a nearby co-op, they often have helpful staff and can set you up with something (& teach some basic maintenance as well). Bike-shaped objects from Wal-Mart, Target, etc. (to speak of US chains here) with ‘suspension’ are not a good idea.

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Dear Jann, thanks for your suggestions. I searched on google and found a blog something like Bikes for College Student. Can you suggest me which one will be better?


  1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FIKAIWG/ref=as_li_ss_tl?
    2.> gearbikesreview

That bike from Amazon is a poor buy. A cheap frame with no-name components and unknown but probably poor build quality. The ‘review’ site you linked to is essentially advertising.

Others already gave you the best answer. Buy a used bike and bring a knowledgeable friend to make sure everything is in good order, or spend a few minutes on YouTube learning what to look for when buying a used bike. YouTube is also a great place to learn the basics of bike maintenance. Better yet, find a bike coop if your town / campus has one. Buy a good lock (hardened chain or u-bolt, not a cable lock) because you don’t want to spend money on a bike only to have it disappear.

Finally, buy a new helmet … this is the one item to never buy used. Protecting your bike is important, protecting yourself is essential.

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Personally I would be picking up a second-hand single-speed beater if it’s flat and on campus. Single speed is good so you don’t have to maintain and adjust it, or pay a shop to do it for you. Just something simple like this harrier reid single speed bike. Green/Aqua blue wheels.Large frame. Alloy Platfo | eBay

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Couldn’t agree more. Used single speed bike. I could get this in Czech Republic for $512 - wow. I wish I would have use for the bike…

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Agreed on a single speed, second hand bike. A decent one would come in at the lower end of your budget and it’s the easiest bike to maintain.

If you were UK based in London, I’d say check LFGSS as these kind of bikes often come up for sale. They would probably have been looked after and also not stolen.

AVOID the bike shaped objects from Amazon.

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My favourite co-op used to have a special price category for BSOs…

Yeah but that bike doesn’t say Wu Tang Clan on it so minus -200 cool gen x points.

In all seriousness used bikes are a mixed bag for newer riders who might not have the tools to fix/replace parts which is why I recommended new. If you are willing to genuflect at the altar of Sheldon Brown or have a mechanically capable friend though used single speed is a no brainer good deal.

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You want a bike that accept or is already equiped with full length fenders. If it has a rear rack the better as you can use a bike bag and not sweat too much from the bag in the hottest months.

If you are using regular roads any kind of bike that suit the above requirement is ok but you might be happier with something that accept tires in the 30-40mm wide range as the ride will be more comfortable and the safety better for the wet days.

Then you must decide what kind of handlebar you prefer, how long will be your typical ride?

All in all many kind of bikes can fit the intended usage with or without some accomodations.

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