What happened to the Ganna bike 3d printing video with Ronan?

Watched it last night, went back to look at something this morning and it was gone?

Was just sitting down to watch this now, no sign of it anywhere! :cry:

Ronan’s Nerd Alert deep dive got pulled too…. :grimacing:

I fear that we’ll never hear from Daniel Schmitz again. He was a good man, but he should have known to never mess with Team Ineos.

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I was listening to it this afternoon and it just disappeared. I thought I did something wrong but could not find it again. I had no idea until I read this.

I didn’t know it was taken down until I saw Hanini’s analysis. Luckily for me, I downloaded the podcast and I was able to listen today.

You lucky thing. Feel free to email it to my gmail colnagosonly to share the love.

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We removed this (hopefully temporarily) at the request of Dimitris. There were some issues with blasting it out to the world that he hadn’t foreseen and we were happy to oblige in this particular case. Nothing nefarious, and hopefully back up soon.


“soon” being “after Gianna’s record attempt” we assume.


Too many NFTs

Great to hear, thanks @Caley_Fretz :love_you_gesture:t3: