What, in cycling, is overrated?

Got a pair of TRP Spyre’s recently for £50 so bought some TRP compressionless housing and some new pads.
Had some cable Ultegra shifters lying around so saved a few hundred quid over new hydraulic shifters and calipers.

Braking is like good quality rim braking with 160/140 rotors but it’ll work consistently whatever the conditions.
Definately less power than hydraulic but enough for the road.

Also have some Juin Tech GT-F hybrid calipers and with Jagwire compressionless housing and an externally routed bike it’s as good as hydraulic.


A company like that should pay their CEO in NFT’s instead of cash.

I’m happy my prediction about them was right. Kept my monies in safer investment options.

Cheap Chinese no name brand masterlinks on Amazon. Learned this the hard way.

Good lord….why? There are some things you just don’t take risks with. I like my teeth too much. :scream:

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