What, in cycling, is UNDERrated?

Well, someone raised an important question in the overrated topic. Time to start a new topic for that subject.


Having torque values for bolts printed on components.


Fasteners (stem etc) that are of sufficient stainless quality to resist unsightly corrosion developing.


• shifting the front chainring to the inner ring while going one harder in the rear perfectly without a drop in cadence is so satisfying

• moving from hoods to drops or vice versa with both hands simultaneously

• riding with friends & sharing a laugh/ fleeting moment you’d never be able to explain to someone who wasn’t there

• post-ride coffee stop

• the extremely rare perfect tailwind where you only hear the tires & your chain

• new kit day


Titanium bikes.

Was all the fad a decade or so ago (or that was my impression)
Then everyone got so excited by lightweight & aero carbon bikes

Last charity ride I turned up to, maybe saw 2-3 bikes out of 100+ riders on one

I’m not one of those “It’s an unbelievable ride!” type people, I doubt I could pick it in a blind test.
It’s more that it’s such a carefree bike.


This so much.

I’ve planning on simplifying the tables here that’s relevant to my bike then printing off a large poster for the garage

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Sticking to one standard component size for multiple bikes

It’s just so nice when all your seat posts, fork, bottom bracket, etc. are all the same non-proprietary and you can just swap bits between bikes or pick something up from LBS. Bike manufacturers just don’t seem to care and happy to sell you some random D shape that’s on backorder for a month in the goal of giving you 2W at 45kph

(Probably sounding like a retrogrouch)

Then in recent times I’ve taken that one further by sticking with same cassette size for similar bikes


The most underrated but satisfying thing for me is when cabling up the front and rear mech, pulling through the cable with just the right amount of tension so that it barely needs any adjustment once nipped up.

Especially with a Shimano front mech as those lines will line up when you trim the front mech :blush:

  • nightriding
  • understanding bike geometry
  • bikefitting


And ergonomics and comfort in general

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I still miss the Campag “double dump”….so satisfying.




-Tires : nothing changes the ride characteristics of a bike more than the rubber as it’s the only point of contact from machine to road. And it’s the cheapest / easiest way to gain capability.
-Same component category, same tool. Super frustrating when you have to use 2 different hexes to remove wheels, or 3 different tools to adjust a stem.
-Small pancake air compressor. Makes inflation (esp tubeless) so much easier, and also helps in cleaning / drying. Costs less than a fancy track pump.


So true

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I love Di2 for this…you can adjust the rear derailleur so that press-and-hold equals 1, 2 or 3 shifts. BAM! press and hold both shifters and you get a near perfect front chainring drop every time!


Durability of Steel. Cannot tell you how many times I’ve whacked the ever living shit out of my top tube with the bars since I went steel and it just laughs it off, no dents, dings, scratches etc, still looks brand new.


Rear jersey pockets, we take them for granted because they are standard on any cycling kit but they are so convenient and have so much capacity.

You can even hold a water bottle, making a cycling shell a a great cool weather option for parents who have to lug around their kids sippy cups.

Rear pockets also work for running too, like stashing a phone while still providing convenient access.


Actually riding, I mean really riding, seems to be pretty underrated these days with a lot of folks who consider themselves as cyclists.


Can’t ride my bike, the dirt on my tires will add .001 Watts of rolling resistance and my riding ensemble isn’t perfectly matched to my socks today.


I had been tempted by these but you make a good argument for air compressor