What is up with Classified's Powershift geared hub?

First off, I personally find their geared hub very appealing and am really looking forward to testing such a setup / wheelset hopefully sometime during 2022 on my Gravel Bike through my LBS.
IMHO Gravel is where this likely will have the biggest potential. (It says a lot when, even 1x advocates such as Geoff Kabush say that 1 x just doesn’t offer the full range they sometimes would like during some gravel rides). AFAIK even guys like Greipel ride this on their personal road bikes (where I also see it as great product with lots of potentail), so it must be quite decent, to say the very least!

So, to my actual question: Classified was often mentioned in the news during 2021 up until around Q3. Not so much anymore. I would even go as far as saying that it has actually gotten pretty quiet around them since.

  • So, is there maybe something cooking here? As in: will they be bought by some bigger player? (i.e. SRAM?)

  • Or are the facing the usual covid-related supply issues others are facing?

  • Or am I just too eager and antsy and it’s all in my head and all’s good with them? :rofl:

Of course these are all just merely speculative questions I am throwing out there and whatever the “real” status quo is with them: I believe this is an absolutely awesome product with tons of potential and we have most definitely not seen the last of them.

Here’s a link to their site for anyone who’s not familiar with them: Classified Cycling (classified-cycling.cc)

Curious to hear/read your thoughts on this…

Probably this one. They’re only a small company so it’s always going to be hard to get space in the cycling media.

Also I’d dispute that you need 2x to have bigger range, SRAM AXS can allow you to have an Eagle rear mech and a huge mountain bike cassette. What 2x brings is smaller gaps between gears which is good for maintaining a steady cadence.

IMHO SRAM AXS doesn’t really cover the full range if you use your gravel bike in an “allroad” setting. Meaning that you’d cover asphalt stretches at +40km/h but also do some really steep technical climbs on dirt roads or singletrack.

Granted, for road-use you may be able to better cover both ends of the spectrum but the gaps between gears are absolutely horrendous IMO.
So yes, smaller gaps are necessary in road applications and that’s where this geared hub comes in handy


eThirteen 9-50 cassette with a 40 or 42 tooth chainring, all the range you should ever need. Happy to accept though that it’s pretty gappy.

My gravel bike has a 36 tooth chainring with a 9-39 cassette and I’m very happy with it. Gaps are fine off road but they would start to get on my nerves on the road.

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Geography may play a part of this. Are you in the US? If so, Classified seems to be focused on the European market based on looking at their social media. Maybe that is skewing your view?

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I’m based in Germany, so not quite US :sweat_smile:
I have in fact not seen anything from them anywhere since Oktober '21 (unless I specifically go to their website to drool over the idea of having a wheelset with their hub on my gravel bike - which obviously, I never do…)


It looks like a really sweet system, but it is quite pricey. 2500 EUR / 2800 USD for the hub, wheel, and cassette. For many people, the advantages wouldn’t be worth that cost.

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Oh. Well, then I have no explanation.

They just came up in my Instagram stories today. The frame builder Jaegher posted about them. Classified’s instagram is pretty active.

Slight side note, but I’d love a Jaegher…

I just put my deposit down for one - an Interceptor Flymaster.

Do you mind me asking what lead time they quoted you, and how much they ask for a deposit?

Always thought that big media push was more a bid to get acquired by a larger company. As a standalone and for the price the system costs I can’t see much of a reason to get it for road riding. Looks like a great solution for gravel bikes though. You can have essentially two 1x systems one with gearing for off road and one with tighter on-road gearing. I still think this ends up a division of some drivetrain manufacturer by the end of the year.

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Classified is available, and readily so. It’s a question of whether a retailer local to you has set up an account. The best two ways to go about this if the dealer locator does not show a nearby account;

  1. would be to connect with the retailer you’d like to purchase your Classified wheelset through and as such have they open an account,

  2. or reach out to Classified directly with your location and request to purchase product and they’ll connect you with you with a place to complete your purchase and have the install completed.

As to the comments regarding range compared to 2x; absolutely correct, the range may not be greater and rather just equal in some cases which feature a wide range cassette, but as it was pointed out the ability to run a gear reduction of .686 via the classified system and effectively a 2x in functionality allows for tighter steps between cogs of the cassette.

Add in to the mix the ability to shift under full load from both the .686:1 to 1:1 and 1:1 to .686:1… you’ve got a mighty efficient and effective drivetrain.

I personally have put 3000 miles on my Classified Powershift Wheelset & Hub and have yet to find fault or a downside.


It’s a very neat looking system. I haven’t ridden it (or seen it in the flesh) and am only aware of Ridley and Jaegher offering it as stock.

It strikes me as interesting, but the cost is prohibitive (for me, anyway). I also know that hub gears have, historically, been quite inefficient, so it would be interesting to know how/if they have solved that problem.

I am also right in thinking it’s Di2 only?

They’re OE on at least 2 bikes. The ridley kanzo fast: https://www.ridley-bikes.com/en_US/bikes/SBIKAFRID029

Rose backroad: The ROSE BACKROAD CLASSIFIED 2x11 | Your dream bike – exclusively available at ROSE Bikes

So they’re probably doing OK.

Yes, I also think it’s di2 only, and unnecessarily so. Rear shifting has never been a strong candidate for di2 IMO. It’s mainly front shifting that sucks. I’d love a standalone satellite shifter that works with a mechanical group.

EDIT: Someone pointed out that there is a standalone kit for mechanical

I also don’t like that they don’t sell the hub standalone. I want to be able to use my own rims and spokes.

But the tech is so good, IMO, that I’m somewhat willing to overlook both of these limitations for my all-road build (when I get around to it).

A stand alone shifter along with a regular 2x drive train would give all the gears!

I think the classified is not rated for extremely high torque. That’s why they have a minimum gear ratio that’s quite high. A 2x would probably exceed the torque rating.

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Apart from the price and the fact that you need to buy their wheels, it’s a shame of the proprietary cassette.


Classified is compatible with both electronic and mechanical drivetrains.

Currently available as wheelset only which includes shift switch, bluetooth bar end, smart thru axle, front and rear carbon wheel, powershift hub, and cassette in 11 or 12 speed in ratios of 11-28 through 11-34.

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