What make offers the widest shoes?

Looking for a shoe but it has to be ultra wide - accomodate a foot 10cm at the forefoot ?

Lake’s Competition last shoes (models numbered 1xx and 2xx) are wider than most, and the Wide version of those shoes are really wide. Their Race last (models numbered 3xx and 4xx) is not as wide, but they offer the CX332 in an Extra Wide which they say is equivalent to a EEE width.


I came here to say Lake too. I’ve never used them, but I here Bont is a contender too. Sidi Mega were a huge disappointment for me. I guess they’re wide somewhere, but definitely not in the forefoot.

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I may be an outlier here, but I struggled with Lakes. I diligently measured my foot, and ordered the specified size in a normal width. The shoes arrived both too short and too narrow. I returned them and went up half a size and to the ‘wide’ version (as recommended by their customer service) and found the fit very odd: lots of volume in the toe box, and lots of heel slip, but not huge amounts more actual width across the foot. I returned these too.

Side note: is 10cm at the forefoot ‘ultra wide’? The term can mean different things so the OP might want to clarify…

There’s a big difference between needing width throughout the foot and needing width in the forefoot. That’s why I pointed out that SIDi doesn’t solve the problem if you have flipper feet. It sounds like you need a shoe with width throughout, but the OP is looking for something for flipper feet.

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Flipper feet, luv it lol - 10cm at the section of the foot which is directly behind the toes…

I’ve tried Bont Riot wide and they where a joke, surely all of the population cannot have feet that’re 5cm wide at most, tho the Bonts where mega stiff and made a loss selling them…

I used to own a pair of sidi tecno’s and they fitted wonderfully tho I think that was down to a soft upper and ULTRA COMFORTABLE :pray:

I started this thread because I actually own some Lake 332 in 4e and feel very against it regarding wide cycling shoes. I managed yrs back to find some via Sports direct which where stiff/carbon and very light and very cheap too tho they’ve now worn out sadly so I went in the hunt for another great pair and Lakes kept getting mentioned so I went for them as I’d tried Bonts and they where very bad even the customer service was atrocious. I bought the Lakes from a UK importer based in the South of England and regretted that but less said about them the better as I don’t want to give them the advertisement. So Lakes I have and if anyone to add them please do as you may’ve found a good PROPER wide shoe :wink: and not a shoe for someone who’s got a wide heel…lol

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Shimano Gen 1 Sphyres in wide fit (but not the curreny version). Louis Garneau used to do a very wide fit but that was a decade ago - not
Sure if they still do them. Custom Bonts, but not their off the shelf ones. Avoid Sidi and Bontrager, their “wide” fit has a big toe box but tapers too quickly.


Have you looked at Fizik with their Volume Control System? I’ve been told I have wide feet, but a pair of the VENTO INFINITO CARBON 2 fit me perfectly.

One thing I’ve had to check is shoes that are wide and shoes that have a lot of volume. My forefoot is rather wide, but the rest of my foot is pretty slim.

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My size 43 foot is 10cm in width measuring across just below the smallest toe.

I tried Bont Riot+ (43 standard version) but they were too short and due to the bathtub sole it rubbed on the outside.
Lake CX237 in a wide 43 fitted width wise, but I had heel slip due to the plain leather heel cup.
Shimano size 43 RC701, RC901 and XC7 wide work perfectly for me!


I know you say you’ve tried Bont Riots, but my feet are 105mm wide at the forefoot and I’ve got multiple pairs of Bont Vapor Ss in 46.5 Wide that fit me great. Once I found them I gave up looking at anything else.

I’ve got very wide forefeet and pretty narrow heels. I have a pair of Bont Vapors that are really, really wide. I have Lake CX 403s too and they’re roomy as well, but not nearly as wide as the Bonts. Shimano also offers wide sizes. I’ve had good luck with their stuff in the past.

I measured my feet in the section you’re talking about and got 101.1mm width. I ride S-Works 6s in wide 46 and they feel great and are made well. Talking to friends it seems that Specialized hasn’t deviated from their sizing in their new of shoes. Wear a normal US 12 sneaker in real life.

I had a pair of S-works 6’s that I loved for racing because of the fantastic heel cup. But I couldn’t figure why toward the end of a season my forefoot/metarsal (or whatever the area is called where the toes start) were frequently in pain when I walked around in bare feet. Turns out my size 42 feet are thin at the heel but 105mm wide at the forefoot. I switched to Lake’s wide and all foot pain is gone. But I do flop around inside the shoes a bit. I miss my S-works.

I am lucky, my foot isn’t super wide. I am now using Velokicks with the G8insole. I have ridden in many different shoes and tried a whole lot of insoles to help my dodgy knees, ankles track properly.
No more hot spots or knee pains.
Adding to this, my lace ups can be adjusted easily and spread out the pressure. (I use them as my all day ride shoes)

I’ve tried both Lake and Bont, and my 116mm wide flippers like Lake better. The MX241 Endurance really work well, and even though my heel slips when walking, I don’t notice it on the bike. The Bont VayporG gravel shoes are amazing for how stiff they are, but I could never get them to really fit. If you can, try both brands. My son, who has dainty little 108mm feet, prefers Bont to Lake. Also, I have some Bonts for sale now.

Don’t get me started on ski boots. That’s actual hell.

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This is where we need more emojis like in slack. A :heart: Just doesn’t cut it.

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I have wide feet and also overpronate (ie flat feet that roll inwards) and have tried various shoes but always ended up with “hot foot”. I found the Lake CX332 in a wide fit great, but needed to add some better arch support as the Lake insoles aren’t great. So use the Specialised ‘green’ insoles for the extra arch support. Have not had an issue with sore feet riding since.

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Lake. I have had way too many cycling shoes in wide. Lake is the only option if you want a wide last and not only extra material on the upper (good if you have a high upper and not wide feet)… btw. competiton last is the wides


Bont double-wide Asian fit. Special order through their website - they emailed me after ordering to confirm that I really wanted to go that far. Wider than Lake 4e, and also lighter and stiffer. I have them in Vaypor and Vaypor G. For comparison, I had Bonts in regular wide which I heat-moulded using a crowbar and they still gave me little-toe pain after an hour; these new ones were wide enough without any moulding.

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Wow! That’s a great tip!