What projects are you working on?

www.venn-cycling.com has a BYOH (bring-your-own-hubs) option, and you can also only buy rims. The rims are not the lightest out there, though.

Currently stripping the group sets off 2 bikes, a Cervelo R2.5 and a black Canyon Ultimate CF 2014. The Cervelo was running dura-ace 7800, lovely gruppo but I’m a campagnolo man so it’s being replaced with 2015+ Chorus. The ultimate has run Athena since I bought it but I’ve managed to buy 12 speed Record components over the last couple of years and figure it’ll be my last nice rim brake bike.

I was after one of those for a while and finally found one - it‘s going to be a mostly Campagnolo affair I recon :man_cook:t2:


That is gorgeous!! Don’t you dare ever ride that in the rain. Amazing job at matching up the stripes. Wowza.

The matching canyon paint jobs are awesome.

Here is a mtb project of mine. Custom geo. Bought this for my anniversary.


What a beauty. Quite the head tube angle. Grim donut-esque. How does it ride on the trails??


Its only 64degrees (not grim donut territory), it only looks slack because the fork offset is accounted for in the angle of the fork legs.

The bike rides really well. The geometry runs the balance between stable and fun - more to the fun side probably. I have only taken it to trails on vancouver island so far, next month i am brining it for some action on the north shore in vancouver. Should be the real test for what its capable of.


True! These fenders will never see wet roads :joy:

Only update now is I had to remove the Bontrager tires with their matching touch of red/white/blue. Reason is I couldn’t get the Bontragers to cooperate with the hookless Hunts.