What’s your read on the Worlds road races? Sprints? Solo winners?

The ‘lumpy spaghetti’ parcours for the 2021 Worlds road races is pretty wild.

Despite how lumpy it is, Aus Cycling seems to think it’ll be a reduced sprint, based on their line-up.

What are your thoughts? Sprint? A solo winner? A small breakaway?


Hard to predict but a reduced bunch kick feels a little ambitious for both elite men and women. Kinda thinking it will be a group of 1-3 in the men’s (with WvA winning on home soil), and a solo win from either AvdB or AvV in the women’s.


Really disappointed for Grace Brown not to get fit and healthy enough to race. I think out of both men’s and women’s fields she would’ve been best placed to have a shot.

As @mdeneef said, I think it’ll be a small group at the end of the men’s, maybe around 5-10 splitting to something smaller. Hard to go past WVA personally.

Women’s could be a little bit more open. Will AVDB have a go, or ride in support of someone else given it’s her last Worlds. Maybe she’ll tow Vollering to the line. Or will we see Voss or AVV just blow it apart?


Looking at the course profile I just can’t reconcile it with Australia’s elite men’s line up. The one bit of detail I can’t see is the profile of the last few KMs. Is it flat or up hill? Australia has some great young climbers at the moment and although the distance may be a problem maybe this is an opportunity to give them some world champs experience rather than select a team that on paper looks unsuited to the profile.

Agree, shame about Grace Brown not being fit.

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So many races and GT stages being won solo - I feel that theme could continue. As another said maybe WvA off the front, someone like that.

Liege was settled with a 5-man sprint, and a chase group coming in 9 seconds behind. Amstel was a 3-up sprint with the main bunch of 35 being 3 seconds behind. The Worlds profile looks a bit like that kind of a race. A solo win would be well earned, but I think/hope there’s gonna be a sprint for the line.

The current trend in racing is that riders seem to be keen to stop certain riders from winning as opposed to trying to race for a win themselves.

Olympics is a good example, everyone sat on WvA to try and bring back Carapaz, the same at Worlds last year, again with WvA. Other riders wont be keen to bring WvA to the line. That being said it looks like WvA is on a upward trajectory at the moment, with that appendix issue meaning that he wasn’t peaking as early as some others.

It’s going to be a reduced bunch sprint as always. The biggest teams don’t want to risk a sprint. Denmark is packed with attacking cyclists. Belgium is playing at home and although they have the best sprinter in the race they are all very experienced and they won’t allow a strong break to go without one of them (they will probably be the instigator). Van der Poel will attack early as always and try to take with him a strong group similar to the Yorkshire Worlds.
At the moment I can’t see past Denmark, Belgium and MVDP to win this race.

Haven’t looked at the time trial course for Sunday but it should be between Küng and Ganna again. Remco should also be up there.