What's happened to Grove Bike Co.?

Hi All,

Been stalking Grove Bike Co. for a little while waiting to see when they’ve got stock again.

No change on their website since 2020 it looks like and likewise on their socials

Anyone know what the go is? Have they gone bust?

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I’d guess having to put huge $ down, in advance too get into the mess that was the pandemic production queue, screwed more than a few good value small brands like this. Shame, i have one, and its a ripping bike.

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Yep precious little quality aluminium bikes in this category especially using 6069 alloy

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I’m curious to find what happened especially as the website is still up and riunning. I was also stalking Grove RAD a while back. Gave up and ended up buying another adventure bike with more slack geometry. Hope to see Grove back in stock soon.