What's happening at other Outside Inc subordinate companies?

Curious if there’s been similar layoffs (and ensuing outrage) at other Outside Inc owned publications/companies? Does anyone here follow other entities under the corporate umbrella? Looking through their list of brands, it seems like cycling is the only niche that has a LOT of redundancy and everything else is fairly unique/insular.

Feels like their approach to dominating cycling journalism is: the easiest way to beat the competition is to buy it up and eliminate it from the inside. But I have no idea what the culture is like at things like Yoga Journal, Triathlete, etc and am curious if their staffs are being gutted as well?

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A few news articles mentioned some layoffs at other publications owned by Outside. As for Outside’s business philosophy, I think it’s likely an inflexible, standard approach: try to monetize everything using the same methods, irrespective of a publication’s audience and nature. More simply put, try to bash all the pegs into round holes, and if the pegs don’t fit, cut them up until they do fit. I don’t think Outside has any appreciation for unique voices or independent journalism.


Yes, this is boiler plate business re-engineering. You bring in business process engineers, who apply standard measures over everything. How much revenue, how much staff, how much costs. What is the benchmark? Which processes are duplicated and can be consolidated? It reduces everything to numbers.