What's the future for high end mechanical gears?

As an aside: has anyone gathered experience with non-advent components by Microshift?

I’m planning on installing a 1x 11s RD and shifter to my touring bike if the current IGH fails. Seems like their offering ticks all the boxes I want to check:




I hope that reliability and shifting is similar to advent X (I was originally attracted by the review on CT) or Shimano. Any thoughts?

Owner of the LBS I use rides Microshift on his road bike and loves it…not the exact stuff you linked to above, but probably indicative of what you’ll experience.

I was looking to build up a backup / travel bike with it, as well…but other opportunities arose and I got a different bike.

I would like to try one of these but 1 x 12 doesn’t appeal. Ingrid says they won’t work on 2 x 12 but apparently Shimano clutch derailleurs will?

If it helps I used an Ultegra RX clutch rear mech running a 11-36 cassette on a 2x set up with no problems at all.

Those Ingrid rear mechs look lovely but I’ve always been put off by the price.

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Yes the price has held me back.

Empire, Empire Pro, and SRX are all compatible with SRAM Exact Actuation (MTB 10, Road 10/11)