What's the one cycling adventure you can't wait to go on

What’s the one adventure ride you can’t wait to go on? Maybe you’re in COVID lockdown and can’t wait to ride beyond your own neighbourhood. Or maybe it’s just an adventure you haven’t got around to yet. Looking for some inspiration!

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The VC trip to Taiwan :slight_smile:

Other than that, there’s a piece of secret groad in north-eastern Victoria that I’ve had my eye on for more than a year. Should be possible this summer. If anyone wants to explore a road not taken, get in touch. Would be a weekend trip…


I can’t wait to just be able to ride from Melbourne down to Mornington or Rosebud to see the family, then spend some time riding down around the Mornington Peninsula…It’s been too long!!

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It’s funny. I feel like if you asked me this last year it was all the exotic places we are used to being able to jump on a plane and visit without too much notice - but honestly now I’ll take anything! I would love to do a bit more in Aus…


I’ve never done a proper bikepacking trip. I’d love to do one overseas, maybe in Asia.


Ooh, nice. Can you say which groad you’re looking at?

Will be good just to be able to go longer than 2hrs and 5k from home first up. Hopefully will get to Adelaide in January to see the TDU or a replacement variation on that.
Also would like to finally get to the Pyrenees to ride as originally planned for in June 2020.

For me, even being able to ride some of the gravel tracks in the Dandenongs feels like an exciting adventure. That’s about 10-15km away from home for me, so hasn’t been available for quite a while now. This great piece definitely served as inspiration.


This one. lots of up and down but roads are OK: 61.7 km Road Cycling Route on Strava

For years I’ve been dreaming of doing the Paris Roubaix sportive, so that’s definitely atop my list. :blush:


Iceland. Living in the UK it’s close enough for a week of true off-grid bikepacking. I do have a feeling it will be on the far right-hand edge of the ‘How epic?’ scale though…


Before lockdown I was planning on cycling to a port in Ireland, ferry to Roscoff tour across north coast France to Cherbourg and ferry back to a different port in Ireland. Had a lot of kit purchased before the lockdowns hit.

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Ah man, looks beautiful out there.

Anything that starts and/or ends with a Vline train trip.

My Strava routes collection is growing by the hour.

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What he said! Exactly!
As we speak, I’m looking forward to being allowed ride for 2 hours per day!
If Australia opens up again, I’ll settle for going MTBing in Dungog, or Beechworth - Bright again!
I dont dare dream of exotic things. Actually, I’d love to go to Derby - that’s an exotic ambition at present.

One day lad, ALL this will be yours…!
This forum interface takes some getting used to.

Alice Springs is also high on my must go back list

I was supposed to be riding the route of the Torino-Nice Rally solo in early summer (and back again by road). Life derailed the plans but luckily I’ve managed to put them back together for next June. Not only is it an epic ride (especially for someone who’s in his mid-40s) that I’ll bore people about for years but 10 days of pure solo time, doing things at my own pace in the mountains feels like unbelievable luxury after the last 18 months the world has gone through.


It is the basic rides I’m looking forward to.

Was suppose to go down to Apollo Bay late Sept. First time with my new gravel bike. Now I’m hanging out for a trip up to the high country in April next year - hopefully we won’t be in lockdown still

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Any ride with another person! Lockdown sucks, but really dreaming I would organise another club bike-packing adventure around Mudgee / Bylong it was awesome last year.

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