What's with cycling meme accounts on Instagram?

Can someone please explain the cycling memer landscape? Who are the main players? How can I get up to speed on that scene?

cat3memes and gasstationfoodcyclist are good starts on IG. I tend to just follow the meme thread on the TrainerRoad forum and a lot of good ones will pass through.


Pick one to follow, and watch their stories. They all seem to share each other’s work every day/ Gets kind of tedious, actually, if you follow a bunch because then you end up seeing repeats over and over.


That thread is pure gold…as long as people are posting memes and not talking about them!


I follow Cat3memes and BurritoCyclist. As mentioned above, they all tend to share each other’s best work.

Another interesting follow if you like to watch people touch shoulders (or worse) is CritDrama. Lots of carnage though if you don’t like that.


I’m personally a fan of Cat3memes. Some pro cyclists are active on those pages, like Rohan Dennis . There’s some trends like commenting 6, which often leads to chains. I find that following cycling news is a good indicator of meme trends too.


Rohan replied to one of my comments and pinned it to his picture. I completely lost my mind :rofl::man_facepalming:t2:

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A couple of good instagram ones:

@trollcyclist and @f***srammemes (you’ll need to fill in the blanks on the latter - Bauk Mollema inspired… :wink:

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I’m a little biased here, but Feedzonenews, Burritocyclist, Maythewattsbewithyou, and Gasstationfoodcyclist are the homies. That said, we all know who the biggest fish in this pond is :sunglasses: