What's your preferred bar tape, and why?

Velox makes a good grippy tape. I live in Florida and I need it for durability and tackiness. It’s so sticky it actually took some paint off a door it was leaning against. So it’s nice to have for hot sweaty rides with no gloves on.

A criminally underrated option….great stuff.

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Went for Burgh, after having reading good reviews elsewhere then this thread.
Only 1 Uk distributor had stock.

Enjoying it so far.

Certainly felt premium to apply and rides nicely.

Previously tried a few stock options, premium Deda stuff and a few lizard skins thickness.
If this has some good durability, easily the best tape I’ve tried!

Supacaz Super Sticky Kush is far more durable than notorious Lizard Skin (deteriorates after one season and I don’t even sweat on it).

Good to know.

But white is the fastest (as long as it’s clean).

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I talked to Burgh about putting their stuff on my bikes and they said they are OOS until October.

I was a Supacaz snob until recently trying Ergon’s new BT Allroad tape. Enough squish to isolate road buzz and prevent pinching nerves, with a great balance of tackiness that doesn’t feel hard on the skin, but prevents any chance of slipping. It’s been pretty damn durable and cleans well after the last few months with no visible sign of wear. They also have a BT Road, and BT Gravel that are simply thinner or thicker versions respectively so you can play goldilocks with your bar tape.

I’ve been using Supacaz for the longest time.

I have stocks of Burgh, but from the material alone, I don’t think it will be as durable as Supacaz.

Regarding price, I know the Silca is expensive, but I’ve never before purchased a bar tape that lasted this long. I wrapped this in Dec 2020 and this is the worst wear spot.

One thing to be careful with when leaving tape on so long is corrosion forming under the tape from sweat. Im quite a heavy sweater, and ive had a shifter clamp rust through after leaving tape on for around 9 months!


Yeah I would watch out for this.

I am not a heavy sweater and recently changed some bartape that had been on for years. The aluminum had corroded and the paint had bubbles up. It was slightly alarming.