Where do you keep your phone?

I’m curious to see what others do with their cell phone when they ride. I always take mine with me, if only for emergency use but sometimes I take photos. I do not use it for GPS or as a cycling computer (use my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt for that). I don’t really like having it in my jersey or jacket pocket, but that’s how I carry mine. I’m thinking about getting a Quad Lock mount, but I’m not sure I want that phone right in front all the time. I’m wondering if you guys have a preference or a solution that works for you.
Do you guys keep your phone in your jersey/jacket pocket?
Mounted on bars or stem?
Anyone ride without their phone?

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In a black Rapha wallet, along with my driver’s licence and a little card with my emergency contact details. The rapha wallets have a little zip pocket which has my emergency $10 in it and some pain killers. Wallet goes in my jersey pocket.

Personally, I’d never ride without my phone as I like the security of being able to call for help (as I have needed to do when I got more flat tyres than I had spare tubes and required a rescue).


In a cycling wallet which goes in my jersey pocket along with ID, cards and cash.

I put it in airplane mode so I don’t get bothered while riding and the battery lasts much longer.


I just keep in my jersey/jacket pocket. Have $$ and card in between phone case and phone. What is it about keeping it in your pocket that you don’t like?

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Left jersey pocket

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Left jersey pocket. I always have musics playing while cycling and listening from left ear bud.

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Right jersey pocket, in a plastic ziplock bag so the sweat doesn’t kill it.

Paired to the Wahoo and the Angi so the “team car” (the Mrs) can see where I am :smiley:

Also doubles as a credit card to pay for the Sunday group ride coffee and public transport card for when I over-estimate my distance-riding capabilities.


Right jersey pocket. I have a waterproof wallet with essentials in my left jersey pocket that balances the load. I also use a Saddle bag to carry tubes and CO2 canisters. Middle jersey pocket is used for food and clothing storage.

Jersey pocket as well, usually center but sometimes a side (inconsistent as to which); I used to use it as a pseudo-head unit on a Quad Lock out-front mount until it was pointed out to me that a damaged phone is much more expensive to replace post-crash than a small bike computer.

That person ended up looking pretty prescient, as I badly crashed two weeks later having just purchased an element bolt and the crash cracked its screen. I was very thankful for the Wahoo crash replacement program.


Jersey pocket, in a bubble-wrap baggie with some cash and photo-copy of my ID (not legal, but likely helpful in some cases.) This protects it from sweat and drops. It does make it harder to take out for pictures, but given how corrosive salt water is I don’t want it constantly getting sweaty.
Phone in airplane mode or battery saver for longer rides, but used for bluetooth bone conducting headphones (Aftershokz)

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Top-tube bag, but needs to be large enough for my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Useful also for keeping fuel and cash.

Jersey pocket….don’t even worry about a bag with modern phones.

I would advise against a Quad Lock….bad things tend to happen to your phone if you happen to go down. (Not a knock against Quad Lock, just realistic about crash outcomes)


I’ve being testing cargo bibs with pockets on the shorts. It provides super easy access and does not bounce around when out of the saddle. My only worry is how likely the phone is to get damaged if I crash.

Yeah, I’ve got a pair of Rapha cargo shorts and they work well to hold the phone and quickly access it, if you want……while the leg pockets are convenient, I try and use the hip pockets.

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I love my cargo bibs, but find the phone a little too heavy to be really comfortable there, and I find it gets sweaty, which I try to avoid.
I do put it there sometimes if I am trying to take lots of pictures.

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No pockets on most of my jerseys, but I wouldn’t keep it there if I did–mine’s in the bag under the saddle with the rest of my emergency kit.

Usually in a ziploc, always in jersey pocket, with wallet.

Except when riding the cargo bike, then in one of the inner pockets of the panniers.

I would keep it in the saddle bag (used to in the flip phone days) but my saddle bags are too small for modern smartphones.

I keep my iPhone in my middle jersey pocket, just because I can’t choose between left or right. It’s rated like most phones at IP67 so a bit of sweat won’t worry it, although I don’t live in a humid or particularly hot area and I rarely ride in the rain. Dust in the charging port is the biggest problem, rather than moisture, but I am too lazy to put in a bag. I have a Rapha wallet but don’t use it as it was just one more step in getting ready for my ride.


Only carry phone in winter - so the battery in my GPS/bike computer doesn’t get killed. Back center jersey pocket underneath layers so it’s shielded from wind and gets body heat.

I just started using a handlebar bag (Road Runner) on longer rides and I think I’ll use that more often with my phone in there.