Where do you keep your phone?

Jersey pocket. It is the best place to keep it.

Just like many other responses, my phone is in a zip lock bag, in my middle pocket on my jersey. I took a tumble recently, and my phone came through unscathed (better than me).

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Yeah, especially with some of the heavy duty phone covers - they can be like anchors!

Curious what kind of phones people are running that so many seem to feel a need to put them in a plastic bag in an era where most modern phones are fairly water resistant to all but actually diving into a pool.

I don’t like putting my ear up to a sweaty earpiece on my phone. My touchscreen is less responsive when covered in sweat. Photos can be blurry when there’s moisture on the camera lens. My phone case doesn’t react well to moisture. I have the ziploc for my cloth mask and for my leather wallet with paper money in it, none of which react well to moisture, so I may as well keep the phone in there as well. And force of habit from back in the days when a 15 minute ride to work in the rain actually could (and in my case once did) brick your phone.

Other than all that, no reason.

Jersey center pocket. I have been wondering however if anyone has chosen to rely on an iWatch instead. It gets cell service so could it not be used instead of cell phone?

Phones on the whole are waterproof, or sufficiently water resistant at least.

The charging port, however, in the back pocket is exposed to a) water b) salt c) heat, so it’s entirely possible that the connectors corrode (oxidise) over time., which would reduce its conductivity, rendering it inoperable.

Only a sample size of one, but my phone stopped charging via the USB-C port after a year or so in the back pocket. Luckily it supports wireless charging.

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Well there you go, the data I looked at years ago said otherwise. It will be interesting to see what it says in another ten years time?

Back pocket. RHS.

Always back middle pocket. I usually start with a banana in the same pocket but that gets eaten first so it’s just the phone. I only put it in a baggie if I think it’s going to rain since it’s in a case already that has a little flap to cover the charge port (otterbox commuter) I’m not too worried about the sweat.

Ziplock bag in middle jersey pocket. Will also stash keys in there if not starting ride at home. Right jersey pocket is for gels/food; left jersey pocket for trash.

It depends on whether I have a dedicated camera with me. The picture-taking device lives in the right mesh pocket of the cargo bibs. That is either my Sony RX 100 or my iPhone. If the phone is not there, it is either in a top tube bag or the left mesh pocket. I fell on it in July, severe enough to break my leg, but the phone is fine …

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