Which bikes you want to see reviewed by CT?

My wish list:

  • Reap Vektar
  • Vielo R+1
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I would love to see a long term review of the Scott Addict RC as well as a review of the Cervelo r-series with the fully integrated cables when it comes out.

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New Scultura


Canyon Endurace

I’d love a group test of bikes under £1000/$1000

I find reviews of budget bikes a lot more interesting to be honest, it’s where compromises have to be made and sometimes it’s actually where the ingenuity is.

A review of a ‘money no object’ bike is a lot more boring as frankly there’s no reason they shouldn’t be brilliant.


Awesome all rounder. My back sees me on endurance bikes and if that’s your segment the endurace is at the more responsive end. While being clearly faster and more nimble than the similar priced trek domane it replaced in my garage, on 28mm tyres it handles everything from bunch rides to dry single track.

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Commuting bikes. Gravel versus light touring versus heavy touring versus fixie versus hard tail mtb. Pros and cons of each approach. And some affordable examples of each.


I’d also like seeing commuting, touring, and endurance bikes.

Adding to that, I think it’d be neat to see the absolute entry level versions of some of the road and gravel race bikes reviewed.

Part of the beauty of cycling is getting into it and helping others get into it.


Good bikes of any type for people that actually live in the real world, those who don’t have money to burn, and will never give a second thought to most of the high-enders that usually get reviewed. While many of us love reading about the big show and the people and bikes that participate in that, in reality, most of us will never play in that arena, and would appreciate attention given to more practical alternatives–we can dream about $10,000 bikes, but actually think about purchasing ones that cost a fraction of that.

And, as a bike builder myself, I’d love to see a forum (not a thread) devoted to bikes that have been put together on limited budgets, made from parts, new and used, acquired from all corners of the globe, resulting in hot, if modest, rides. Too often these sites get derailed by the deep-pocketed, high-nosed zealots that downplay the little people (who actually comprise 80 or 90 percent of the bicycling public).


I was actually thinking reviews of “reader’s bikes” but not superbike style… more sort of a “bikes of the people” kind of thing. One of the things I love is checking out people’s upgraded older/more normal bikes and seeing what they did and why. The odd time I’ve borrowed friend’s bikes for a longer period, I’ve always come back with questions about why a specific component was chosen or where did they get this clever/comfortable/interesting thing.


The Norco Search AL and steel bikes. Their GRX equipped AL bikes appear good value in Australia but there isn’t much in the way of reviews available.

That’s a brilliant idea, I always love seeing other people’s rides. Especially when, like me and my riding partners, they actually don’t have a budget greater than some countries. I like super bikes but when the owner says “I just had to have Chris King and Enve wheels” it becomes less relevant to me, your wheels cost more than my entire bike!

Getting tested might be hard unless you live in Melbourne, Colorado or South of France mind you! But some sort of short article and nice photos would be cool.

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The nice thing about the money-no-object reviews is we get to see where tech is going.

It’d be nice to see reviews of the $2k and $1k, with a contextual call-back to old superbike reviews to see how much tech has trickled down, and how quickly. “Sora is now 9speed. Dura Ace introduced 9 speed in 199x. The DA 9 speed cassette weighed 300g for a 12-23, which is x% of the weight of a 11-30 HG-90 cassette…”

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At one point there was mention of an upcoming test of a T-Lab. Would love to see it happen.

I would love to see a comparison of road titanium bikes and what you really gain by jumping from an off-the-shelf Litespeed or Lynskey up to a Firefly or Moots. Ideally this comparison would be performed with similar group sets and wheels. Thanks!


How about each of the staff, Caley, James, Dave, Ian, swap bikes and review it. I can see a podcast where the reviewer and bike owner debate the pro’s and con’s of their bikes.
Only downside I can see is who would trust Caley the Hammer with their own bike.


I’d love to see more mid-range £2-£5k bikes, not just the top end counterparts.

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I’d love to see a shootout of ‘Quiver Killer’ bikes. Thinking the Allied Echo, Baum Orbis +/x and a few other bikes that sell the idea that one bike can really do it all.

Prior to moving from Australia to Europe the idea was stupid to me, but now that I’m a connoisseur of #apartmentlife I wish I could have less bikes that do more!

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Something with a mechanical groupset :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’d love to see more Steel Bikes like Crust and All City, with less of a focus on racing and more of a focus on fun and commuting. With that said, what would be a practical group set for durability VS. Price.

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