Which more like a Toupe: Specialized Power or Romin?

My therapist has helped me mostly come to grips with Specialized having killed off the Toupe, so the question is are either the Power or the Romin the most “Toupe” of what remains? The Romin seems to have a bit more longitudinal curve, but I don’t about its transverse profile. The Power seems longitudinally flat, but like the Romin, I can’t see what its transverse profile is like.

Has any tried the Toupe and either of the other two or both? My peaches are coddled nicely on a Toupe.

I had a toupe on one bike and have romins on two others. I went to the romins from the toupe: to me they are quite different and for my butt the romins are a better fit.

As you said the romin has more of a curve longways, they are both fairly flat sideways (especially compared to the Selle Italia turbo which the toupe replaced)

I’ve never tried the power so I can’t help there.

I still have the toupe somewhere; it has my first attempt at recovering a saddle inflicted upon it. If you try a romin and don’t like it I’d be happy to swap (as long as you don’t mind the amateurish 'roo hide cover).

I went from Toupe over a Power to a Selle Italia SLR Boost Superflow :wink: but every butt is different

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I’ve owned both. In my own personal experience the Romin was nothing like the Toupe (it was torture for me to ride on it) and the Toupe was my saddle of choice on multiple bikes I own. After it went away I had the PRO Falcon AF, which was just “okay” and gave the Power a try. The Power (again - to me) was awful. Like Romin awful - with even fewer places to adjust my seating position on while riding. Made me think snub-nosed saddles weren’t for me. I’ve since put PRO Stealths on all my bikes with one exception of the Bontrager Aeolus Pro, both make me very happy while riding - and restored my faith in snub-nosed saddles. Both are better than the Toupe ever felt and I rode the Toupe saddle for years in its various iterations. I’d rather stand up and pedal a whole ride than sit on the Romin or Power.

There are a bunch of generic Toupe-like saddles that can be found on Amazon or Ebay. Carbon, weigh about 120g, cost about $40. They’re closer to the Toupe than the Romin or Power, and more durable than any Specialized saddle I ever used.

One of the questions also is: how tall are you? According to certain fitters, short-nose saddles work better for short(er) people than for tall people.

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I’m 6ft 2in (188cm). I assume that’s slightly above average in height and snub-nose saddles have worked wonders for me vs traditional. I’d never heard of any height relationships before.


When I finally wore out my collection of Toupes (143mm) I went to the fabric scoop flat (142mm) and they’ve been really good for me for the last few years. Much as hate to admit it, the Romin Evo Mirror I recently bought just doesn’t work for me. Similar width to the Toupe but the shape is very different - it’s much more rounded out to the sides and I’m not getting on with it

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As mentioned in an earlier reply, every butt is different.

Off topic, but +1 for the Fabric Scoop saddles. Underrated, affordable (steel rail variants), two widths (when I last checked), but not short nosed. Closest form I’ve found to a San Marco Rolls.

I think the Power is quite different to the Toupe. I always thought the Power was ‘meh’ but the mirror version is the only saddle that will let me do >2 hours on the turbo.

Outside, I’m actually happy on a range of saddles. If the Toupe works for you, the Prologo Dimension might be an option. I also rate the Aeolus, which someone mentioned above. The Boost SLR is another one that seems to work for a lot of people.

It’s not marketed as a road saddle so much, but in terms of shape the Specialized Phenom might be closer to the Toupe than the regular Power. For sure the Phenom is flatter side-side than the Romin, which is very curved. There is a gentle curve tip-tail on the Phenom though, compared to the Toupe.

Another Toupe possibility would be the Fizik Antares which is pretty flat tip-tail and not too curved side-side. Or possibly the Selle Italia Flite Boost series.

I have a Phenom Pro Elaston on a gravel bike that I’m pretty happy with, I like the extra bit of cush off-road, but for a pure road saddle the Phenom Expert might be preferable.


Please mind that the Prologo Dimension is horizontally very flat, whereas the Toupe seems to have a higher back-end. So if you prefer a higher back-end, the prologo may not be to your liking.

One I don’t see mentioned, is the new Bridge saddle from Spesh. It is somewhat of an heir to the Toupe. The top end model is the comp, so not the cream of the crop, but the general shaping and particularly the “flat” top profile is very much like the Toupe. I’d say it’s worth a look at least and it’s been a successful saddle for my fit customers that like the Toupe.

I agree that the Phenom is also worth a look. It has more of a forward taper at the leading edges of the saddle wings, but is more “flat” again than the Power line of saddles for sure.

On the Trek/Bontrager side, the Verse saddle is another option to consider that has similarities to those mentioned above.

I’ve looked at the Verse several times and might put it on a new build, as I have a Montrose Elite on one bike that I really like, in fact it’s been moved from bike to bike many times to where I should just buy another. There are still a few new ones out there, but I do like the looks of the Verse. Also considering the Fizik Antares R3 Adaptive, but maybe waiting for the Argo Adaptive release (it has a cutout that isn’t a cutout).

Funny how times change, 20 years ago I was riding very rounded saddles like Fizik Aliante, Selle Italia Turbomatic, San Marco Regal/Rolls, etc. As time has gone on and I’ve gotten older I find I tolerate a cutout saddle a bit better, but not a super wide cutout like on the PRO Stealth or Fizik Argo. And over time my saddle height has dropped, taking out all the variables. And of course I’ve gotten slower. Getting older sucks…


Plus one for Phenom. I used Toupe saddles for years, switched to a Romin during covid as nothing else was available and have now moved to Phenom on my road and gravel bikes.

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This thread speaks to me in a way few have due to it addressing an issue I’m currently experiencing

I’m glad to see people recommending the Phenoms. My current bike stable has a Toupe, (road bike) a Romin (road bike), & a Phenom (gravlocross). Of the two road bikes, I’m happy on either saddle but prefer the Toupe as I move around depending on the ride situation & the available real estate is a bonus. I was looking at my Crux next to my road bike with the Toupe & it occurred to me they’re very similarly-shaped, enough so that I may try it to replace the Toupe (the side is torn from a crash).

Regarding the Power, I like to sit on the nose when pinning it & with it not having a nose, I couldn’t get comfortable. I don’t know if I was missing something or what because it feels like I’m the only person in the world who didn’t like the Power.

I really want to try one of the Mirror saddles but wish there was a Toupe (or similar) version. I’m happy with the Romin on my other bike but I just like the Toupe that much more to where I wish it were an option.

I’m gonna wait and see what Specialized comes out with over the next couple of months. If they offer a new and less expensive Romin Mirror Evo, i.e. one with metal rails, I’ll likely give that shot. Otherwise, I’ll likely do the Power Pro with Mirror. Until then, I’ll fantasize about a Toupe with Mirror.

I think I’m going to avoid Fizik for now. I never got on well with Fizik saddles in the past (Aliante and Arione, the latter of which was a veritable ass hatchet).

Thanks, all, for the input.


I have tired a few of the saddles including also the PRO Stealth. Originally I had a Romin EVO 155mm, which felt good but I reckon that the Specialized logo in the LHS of the saddle was causing a friction burn on a couple of my bibshorts. The bike shop accepted it back and gave me a Toupe saddle instead. I didn’t use it much because instead I had bought a Power Arc Expert short nose saddle (while waiting for the transfer). It became my favourite saddle. I used it on a 1600km ultra event. Having the short nose made it easier for the low position for the extended track bars. However in the end I was getting cut on the LH bum cheek. I swapped to a PRO stealth saddle. It was good change. Flatter, but quite wide nose and channel to get used to. Riding the ultra bike again I do now find that the rear plastic edge of the Stealth saddle does feel like it is digging into the bum. Not comfortable for a long ride. So after some thought I have swapped it out and put the brand new looking Toupe 143mm on for a try. It is flat, level 2 but does have a long nose compared to the other two saddles. Will see how it goes on some distance and see how it feels.

I know it’s been a bit, but I have used the Toupe and it was alright, but not great (probably a larger width would have helped)

I now have almost every version of Romin, Phenom, and Power minus the 3D printed versions.

I will agree that the Phenom is the way to go. The Romin is the worst and the Power is ok. I have the Power Elaston Pro and it has been the best outside the Phenom.

My butt must have good taste because the S-works version of the Phenom has been the best saddle yet.

I like the Romin and the Power. The Toupe does NOT work for me. Romin on the road bikes, power on the gravel and mountain bikes.

If the Toupe is the saddle that you have found to work well for you, see if you can get one off eBay or similar. I have a 143 carbon rail Toupe “pulloff” gathering dust so I am sure there are plenty out there. Shoes and saddles; keep what works.

I am 5’8" 135 for the tall/short rider/saddle data set…