Who can beat Roglič at the Vuelta?

He should be back in red very soon, and who’s going to beat him from there? And if anyone beats him, how will they do it?


At this point, don’t see anyone else doing the deal. Next couple of days are huge so perhaps the terrain will have the final say….


Been listening to the Cycling Podcast, and Jack Haigh is pretty adamant that Roglic is tiring. That said, Bernal thinks the opposite; Roglic has kept something in reserve for final week.
I’m leaning slightly towards Haigh’s thoughts.


On paper there isn’t anyone with a solid chance of beating Roglic over these last 4 stages. Bernal has too much of a deficit to overhaul, and despite breakaways being largely successful in this years Vuelta, there is no way Jumbo-Visma would allow Bernal into a break that has the potential to make it to the finish.

However, Roglic is prone to do very whimsical things; attack randomly, take unnecessary risks, crash. Hopefully his DS has reminded him that all he needs to do is follow the moves that go up the road over the next few days. Nobody currently within minutes of Roglic on GC can time trial well enough to keep up, let alone take time on him.


It’s pretty funny, because in his post race interview today, he said Rog has been looking unbeatable all race :rofl:


Seemingly no one, which has made the Vuelta a bit dull from a GC perspective the last few years.

It’s like Man City keep winning the League Cup. They’re definitely happy about it but it’s not really the competition they’re doing all this for to win.

With only three stages left–pretty sure that unless he has a crash he can’t get up from, he won’t be caught.

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only roglic can beat roglic

Daniel Friebe’s coining of the term “Roglification” is some of his best work.

At this stage, with a near-3 minute lead going into a TT that he’s probably going to win, literally only Roglic can beat himself.

Interesting that you view this Vuelta as dull. Is it solely because Roglic has such an insurmountable lead heading into a TT where he will quickly possibly end up on the podium?

On the whole, this has been a fascinating Vuelta. It’s been really refreshing to see the strongest rider/team take a much different approach than we’ve been accustomed to (aka the Sky/Ineos method).

I think it was an extremely shrewd move to give up the jersey early on to take the pressure off the team during the middle of the race. Equally impressive was the tactical awareness of Kuss to make sure Roglic’s rivals wouldn’t get any bonus seconds on stage 17.

I would agree completely @carlfreddy! This edition of the Vuelta has been full of exciting strategy and team tactics. Team JV has played this masterfully…for me, it’s been a pleasure to watch (and more entertaining than the TdF!).