Who is the Secret Pro?

He’s not the secret pro, he’s a very naughty boy


I like the idea of pro groupies. Instead of sexual favours for heavy metal bands, they have enough form to roll around with the pros and… buy them coffees? What is the angle there?


You take all the joy out of living, de Neef.

This is like that time, way back when, when I asked if Fr Christmas was real …

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That was gold.

Given that the movie is more than 40 years old, I think it also says something about the CT demographic.


@Lyrebird_Cycles i think I should point out that the movie is older than me and that is why it is still possible that I am the secret pro.


In an effort to make things just a little easier on everyone here, I confess that I am NOT the Secret Pro.


Oh, you aren’t the first person to say that :stuck_out_tongue:

Boo, Matthew.


I have read some really early career posts at Tom’s blog https://tomashuuns.wordpress.com/ (I am a compatriot and longtime fan), none of TSP posts was similar to the style and content. I understand they are ghostwritten, but still.

Reading TSP’s latest. Is it a bit over the top to compare cyclists with gladiators?

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So over the top… the kind of crap that makes it embarrassing to call myself a cyclist and why most other disciplines look down on roadies. Never understand where these types of roadies are coming from… road pros get paid to do shit I do for fun, mountain bike pros get paid to shit that I’m mostly terrified to even try. TSP needs to go spend a weekend with the big boys in Virgin, UT and then rewrite this sookfest as an apology.

It was basically just a longwinded rant blaming the UCI for most road pros being trash bike handlers with zero risk tolerance, while trying to pump himself up as a “gladiator” as though he was a slave forced to risk his life for our entertainment instead of someone who’s willingly chosen this path in lieu of a normal job. If all you’ve got is w/kg and no balls to compensate for your lack of skill, then maybe it’s time to retire and make way for the next generation cause I can guarantee you that the secret pro isn’t someone like MvDP or T Piddy that came up throwing down in the dirt where there actually is some risk.

“T Piddy”? Jesus H Christ.


Tom Pidcock… :rofl:

Eh, what’s the risk in the dirt? They are racing XC, not DH.

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There’s a hell of a lot more risk racing xco than there is on the road…

More to the point though, guys who came up in the dirt have the bike handling skills that road isn’t remotely dangerous to them.

It is when they’re riding in a peloton with much less skilled riders…

I think one of the things we forget is that many crashes in races don’t always affect the rider at fault.


So then you agree that road safety isn’t a UCI issue where they’re forcing enslaved pros into the ring as gladiators like TSP suggests, rather a road pros being trash bike handler issue?

More than a few times I’ve been on rides or in races and had someone come offline into my shoulder or buzz my rear tire or I’ve had to hop onto the sidewalk to avoid someone doing something stupid so I can definitely agree that the skill level of those around you impacts you but there really isn’t anything you can do about that beyond using your own skill to position yourself in positive locations.

Having a mix of bike handling ability will always be a factor though, what doesn’t have to be a factor is road furniture in the last 500m of a race, downhill sprints or unsafe barriers that fly apart in a collision.

I love the idea of a TT on cobbles

I’d love to see a TT on cobbles, but I’d also love to see a late-race stage on cobbles, for multiple reasons. When cobbles are in the first week, all the fuss is about those stages, which is probably part of why, as TAP says, climbers lose sleep over them. If the cobbles came after the mountains, the climbers would be too busy racing in the mountains to worry about the cobbles. And all the cobble specialists will be so relieved to survive the mountains they’ll be happy just to help their climber survive the cobbles.

Also, not least, there are more cobbles closer to Paris than there are mountains. A great TdF finale would be a Friday stage from Roubaix to Arras/Arenberg, a Saturday TT around norther Paris, and the usual Sunday au Champs Elysees.